Soy Milk, Organic Milk, and Organic Soy Milk

December 26, 2009 at 2:42 PM | Food | 2 Comments

I must report that I have recently switched over to drinking soy milk. It wasn’t for health reasons. I did it purely because I found it difficult to finish a half gallon of milk before it went bad. I figure the cost difference would be somewhat offset by reducing the amount of milk product thrown out. I don’t know exactly much longer soy milk is good for, but it is sure longer than regular milk. I assume it’s because it’s not really a dairy product.

And then I heard this revelation last night at a family Christmas function: organic milk lasts even longer? It sounds counter-intuitive! I regularly depend on preservatives to keep my food from spoiling, and one would imagine that products labeled as “organic” would contain less preservatives? How is this even possible? I was going to put off my curiosity until I got back to Kansas City to investigate, until I had a bowl of cereal at my parent’s house this morning. Lo and behold, they had a half gallon carton of organic 2% milk. Expiration: about a month from now! And I’m pretty sure that milk has been hanging out in their fridge for a while now.

Have I been mistaken about organic foods? Do they all last longer? I’ve seen organic soy milk. Does that last even longer? 3, maybe 4 months? Gah, I really need to get myself to a grocery store to find out what’s up.


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  1. I think there’s a “drink within 7 days of opening” label on those soy milks. But I’ve always wondered if that was a ploy to force you to drink more milk.

    Comment by Ryan — February 20, 2010 #

  2. Eee. I guess I never noticed that. But then again, I’d probably drink it even after the “expiration” date. See discussion here:

    Comment by LloydSkoyd — February 23, 2010 #

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