Bum or No Bum

January 12, 2008 at 4:58 PM | KCMO | No Comments

As Albert and I were on the way home from the Madrid last night, I turned and posed the simple question “Bum or no bum?” to him as we approached the exit ramp for 169 off of 35. I asked him this, because, this corner, right before you take a left onto Broadway and then proceed straight into 169, is where a homeless individual usually stands, cardboard sign in hand.

He pauses for a moment then says “No bum.”

“Ok, ok, we’ll see…”

So we come around the turn and approach the aforementioned corner, where sure enough, no bum was present. Where was (s)he?? This was such a popular location for bums that it was incredibly odd that no one was on the corner.

“Ahhhh man… I woulda totally lost that bet, had betting details been discussed prior! Maybe it’s too cold?”

“Yeah, yeah… could be. You know, I did take that into account.”

“Man, you sure called that one. There’s always a bum there!”

But then we I pulled up to the intersection with Broadway and stopped for the light, a bum steps out from behind the wall and lifts his sign up in anticipation. It was right on cue.

We were like “daaaaaaaaaaang!!” and proceeded to laugh and laugh about the hilarity of the situation we had just witnessed, something that I am sure was very confusing to the man on the corner.

“Mmm yeah, I guess I should have made you wager something on the bum or no bum.”

More laughter. The green left turn arrow lit and I pulled around the corner.

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