December 31, 2007 at 11:03 AM | Art | No Comments

I had, in my possession, another pink balloon suitable for creating another Pigalloon, if I chose to do so. Out of consideration for the original Pigalloon’s feelings, I decided not to and just kept the balloon in a corner of my cube. Well this balloon held up incredibly well over the weeks… no noticeable change in size or texture–all the way up until today when I came into the office, and found that the balloon, once large and proud, had shrank down to about the size of a large orange. It’s structural integrity seemed to remain intact, as the balloon was not wrinkled or distorted as is usually the case with aged balloons. No, not this one, though… it had merely shrunken a great deal. I haven’t seen Pigalloon for weeks now–has he shrunken too? I can only surmise that the same fate has befallen our pink friend, since the balloons are from the same source. Hmmmm…

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