Flu Shot

December 6, 2006 at 12:33 AM | Site/Personal | No Comments

I think I may be getting sick. I can taste it. Makes sense… after all, I did get get a free flu shot last week, come to think of it. Sure, they said it was “inactivated” but can I really believe that? It was the first time that I’ve ever gotten a flu shot. That I know of, anyway. I remember back in the day when all these different shots were mandatory for children. I had come to expect it. Maybe one of those was the influenza vaccine. Maybe it wasn’t. Who knows.

This time, I took it out of convenience. I had just been weighed, my blood had just been drawn. So what’s another needle? I tried to reason it out.

“But I’ve never gotten the flu before.”

“Oh, trust me, you don’t want to get the flu. Oh no, you do not.”

“OK… I suppose…”

“Alright then, which arm do you want it in?”

And that’s how they suckered me in. And who knooows what was in that shot?? I’m no microbiologist… can I really be 100% sure that what they injected me with would keep me from coming down with this terrible flu they they spoke of? Or was it really some kind of a conspiracy put on by the pharmaceutical industry? Injecting me with something that, while would grant me roughly 1 flu-free year, would actually hinder my body from being able to naturally defend itself against new strains so that I keep coming back for these shots year after year until I perish? Or worse, would actually make me sick in some other way that could only be remedied by product xyz, created by none other than the pharmaceutical industry, the very people behind the free flu shots?

It’s too late for me… save yourselves!

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