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Mickey from FantasiaI can only recall falling asleep during a movie at the movie theatre twice. One of those times was during the movie U.S. Marshalls–I remember I wasn’t particularly fond of the movie and it was one of those midnight showings. It happens.

The other time was during Disney’s Fantasia when I was a small child. My mom took me to the movie. I don’t remember why they were showing it in the theatres because the original came out in 1940, but this was definitely a theatre showing prior to the release of Fantasia 2000. Anyways, I remember being all excited about it because I thought it was a new Mickey Mouse movie. Boy was I wrong. I fell asleep almost immediately after the movie began and pretty much slept through the whole thing.

Sure I tried watching it a few times after that incident… like they’d show it in school every once in a while… but when the lights are dimmed and that movie starts going, I’m pretty much guaranteed to pass out. Even to this very day, I haven’t watched that film in its entirety and I doubt that I ever will. I’m not saying that purely out of spite… I’m sure the animation is all brilliant n shit and the music I’m sure is equally impressive… it’s just not for me. But damn them for tricking me into thinking it was a Mickey Mouse movie so many years ago. I will never forgive them for that.


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  1. What a bitter, bitter young boy.

    Comment by LL — August 23, 2006 #

  2. you mean it’s not a mickey mouse movie? i’ve never seen it… was more of a bugs bunny fan myself.

    Comment by ryan — September 12, 2006 #

  3. I’ve never seen to the end of “13 days” myself.

    Comment by Jimbojw — October 5, 2006 #

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