Fish Is Delish

August 6, 2006 at 11:30 PM | Art, Food | 1 Comment

He's so right.

Every once in a while, when a decision has to be made in regards to where to go for lunch, I always like to throw “The Jumpin’ Catfish” out there. And why wouldn’t I? I love catfish, as well as various other types of fish and seafood. And I’ve never been there, even though it’s right down the street from work. Every time I bring up The Jumpin’ Catfish, Amanda expresses her dislike for fish and we end up going somewhere else. So I left this on her markerboard. Hopefully, if it stays up long enough, she’ll start to believe it.

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  1. Fish, yes indeed, is delish. But I must point out, that your drawing of your fish friend is anatomically incorrect. It is missing way too many fins. See:

    Other than that, a very convincing sales pitch for the consumption of tasty, tasty fish.

    Comment by LL — August 8, 2006 #

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