The Parking Ticket

August 5, 2006 at 10:53 PM | Site/Personal, Wichita | No Comments

My mom calls me up yesterday, told me that she just got some notice in the mail from the city of Wichita’s municipal court, which said that I had an outstanding parking ticket. I was like “… but I haven’t been in Wichita for… months.” The date that the supposed incident occured was 7/13. I was most definitely not in Wichita on that day. Unless somebody came and got my car while I was at work (it was a Thursday), drove down to Wichita, got a parking ticket, and then promptly returned my car before I noticed that it was even gone.

The more logical explanation for it could be the fact that those fools got the blasted tag number mixed up–my tag number has an “L” in it… the one on the ticket is an “I.” Yes, somebody done messed up.

So now I gotta call them up on Monday and try and get the whole thing sorted out. It’s only a $20 ticket, but it’s the fucking principal of the matter and I’ll be damned if I pay anything. And it’s a pretty hardcore notice too… it’s all like “failure to pay this citation could result in a warrant being issued for your arrest.” Yeah… I can’t be having that right now. Or ever, really.

Update: I called them up and got the ticket voided, without much hassle.  Hooray.

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