Casino Royale

June 14, 2006 at 11:05 PM | Movies | 1 Comment

Those of you who caught X3 in the theatres should have seen a trailer for Casino Royale this year’s James Bond flick. If it was the first time that you had seen this trailer, as it was for me, than you may have found that it caught you off guard. The first thing that might have crossed your mind when you saw the classic gun barrel intro is “Ohh it’s James Bond… but wait…. what happened to Pierce Brosnan? Why isn’t he James Bond? Is that Pierce Brosnan?” And then you watch on, each moment reassuring you that your eyes had not fooled you… no, that was not Pierce Brosnan. And then your next thought might have been that this was all some elaborate parody film, lord knows Hollywood has been cranking out plenty of those and bad remakes of films lately. And then when the end of the trailer finally hits and “James Bond” didn’t slip on a banana peel or anything silly like that, it may have dawned on you: You realize that the powers that be had just recruited a new James Bond, a new face to put on the iconic character of one of the longest lasting movie series of all time.

I was stunned. It was watching history in the making. Now, I’m not a huge James Bond movie buff, but as I was growing up, I saw countless Bond movies, with a number of different actors playing the role of James Bond over the years. It wasn’t until Pierce Brosnan came along in 1995′s GoldenEye, that I even considered the James Bond series “modern.” He was the James Bond of our generation. And then they had him play 4 of them in a row. Considering that there had already been 4 other James Bonds prior to Brosnan, I kind of expected him to settle into his role for a long time.  He was James Bond.  But I guess Pierce thought otherwise.  Ah well.

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  1. But yeah, when you look at the last three Brosnan Bond movies, they were utter crap. A newspaper tycoon with a stealth boat? Crap. The man who feels no pain AND Denise Richards? Double crap. The diamond-faced guy and his fairy ice palace? Triple crap.

    Comment by LL — June 17, 2006 #

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