The Legends

April 23, 2006 at 9:40 AM | Concerts, KCMO, Music | No Comments

So last night, a group of us went out to The Legends, which is a new shopping mall out at Village West. I saw something about it on the news, I guess the place is going to be like part museum, part shopping center. The place is called Legends because it’s in honor of the historical figures of Kansas, something that I have grown to appreciate since living in the hellhole known as Missouri (known as “Misery” by many). Anyways, that area is just blowing up… they got Dave & Busters out there (which we’ve hit up a few times already), they got some pretty good restuarants out there, Nebraska Furniture Mart, the Speedway, Cabela’s, and now all these new stores. For their grand opening, they had a free Counting Crows concert. I’ve never seen the Counting Crows before, but I really dig their music… I find myself listening to them off and on quite a bit. The concert was outdoors, the weather was perfect, and they played a pretty good show. Afterwards, there was a fireworks display. And then it started raining and hailing pretty hard, but that was after we got back to the car, so I suppose it was alright.

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