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Winstead'sAs you may or may not know, last Thursday was Holy Thursday, and thus the day when people of the Catholic faith officially consider Lent to be over. I don’t actually know the full details about my previous statement, but I am just repeating what I have heard. A girl on my team, Amanda, is Catholic and she and her boyfriend both decided to give up dining out for Lent. I’ve actually heard about this one before… Stacy told me about it and I recall telling her that I was giving up PCP and hookers. Seemed easy enough.

Anyways, for what seemed to be an eternity, Amanda stopped eating at the cafeteria and stopped going out to lunch with us. I found her determination to stick with her commitment very admirable. I probably could not pull off such a feat, for a number of reasons… I’m too lazy, I love The VC, and I love Taco Salad Tuesdays/Thursdays, just to name a few.

Naturally, at the end of Lent, we all had to go out for lunch and celebrate. She invited everyone in our teams and I guess this is when the debate of when Lent was actually done came up. Some said that it ended on Good Friday, others said that it was in fact Easter that marks its completion. Amanda, confident in her knowledge of Catholicism, said that it ended Holy Thursday. She looked it up on the internet and discovered that she was correct… but it ended at sundown. Her source on the internet could not be confirmed but I can’t be bothered with trying to cross reference her claim.

She was like “eh, you know what, it’s OK” and we made plans to eat out. After much indecision, we finally agreed upon this 50′s burger joint called Winstead’s, which was downtown, not too far from work.

It was me, Rob, and Amanda, meeting up with Tom and Chandrak at this place. Someone mentioned that they were notorious for their uncommonly bad service. I guess, it was part of the 50′s theme. Did service at restaurants really suck back in the 50′s? I have no idea, I never lived those days. Perhaps bad service would be a fun novelty to experience. Perhaps we would find it wildly entertaining and have ourselves a good laugh.

I have to kind of slip in this little side story at this point. The Winstead’s that we decided to go to was in some building downtown. Amanda, as we found out, was not the best city driver. I won’t go into the details of it, but let’s just say that I was a little fearful for my life on more than one occasion. And what ended up happening is we drove around the general area several times trying to find a parking spot. Tom and Chandrak, who left after us, had already found the place and were waiting on the corner. When we finally parked on the street, we found ourselves parked at a meter that had roughly six minutes left. None of us had coins, so Rob and Amanda went to get some change in the building where Winstead’s was at and we headed straight back to the car, only to find a metermaid already working on a ticket at her car. Amanda ran and called out but it was too late… the ticket had already been written. When a ticket has already been written, it’s too late–it’s a done deal. Because they number those things. Amanda plead her case to the metermaid, but there was really nothing that she could’ve done. The metermaid was all like “look, save your money, just leave the ticket on the car.” I felt really bad for her because all around her were other cars parked next to expired meters, but they had their hazard lights on so they didn’t get tickets. What does that even mean? It’s like “please don’t give me a ticket, I’m just around the corner… I’m on my way back!!” But it really doesn’t mean anything. That’s why if I were a metermaid (apparently, there is no masculine version of the name of the occupation… maybe “parking attendant”?), I’d give the cars with their hazards on the very first tickets. Amanda’s ticket was about $28. Not too bad I suppose… we were all worried that it’d be something on the order of $75 or so. So there was really nothing that could be done about it, so we just left the ticket on the windshield and we went in to find Windstead’s and eat. I threw out the idea that perhaps God was angry at her for dining out before sundown. But seriously, I felt bad for her.

So, it turns out the bad service thing was very real indeed. First of all, it took them forever for them to come to take our orders. And it’s not like they were busy or anything… there were maybe like 2 other tables there? And then when a waitress came by, I’m pretty sure that there was something wrong with they way she was taking orders. At first, I ordered a double Winstead, with all of the toppings except for bacon, some fries, and a small chocolate shake. As the orders start going around the table, people start ordering this item called the “fifty and fifty” which was basically half fries, half onion rings. This sounded like a wonderful idea because I wanted a sampling of both, so I decided to change my order of fries to the fifty and fifty. She was all like “I already have you down for the fifty and fifty.”

Now, I know for a fact that I did not order the fifty and fifty, but since she said that I was already put down for one, I was like, “OK…” I guess if she said that I was down for the fifty and fifty then all was well.

She comes back later with the food, and right away, I saw that she had messed the order up. There was only one dish of what I could only presume to be the “fifty and fifty,” mainly because the others were just plates of fries.

And then the burgers… my god. The waitress places a burger before me that clearly had bacon on it. And she gave Tom one that didn’t have bacon on it. Right away, I could tell that she had accidentally switched our orders. But then, she started making a big deal out of it, offering to move the bacon on my burger onto Tom’s burger. I was like “hold up… that burger is actually mine.” But she insisted on performing the bacon transplant. I was like “no listen, that burger is exactly what I ordered,” as I switched our burgers around. But she still didn’t get it… she was like “I could bring the burger back in to the kitchen and add some bacon for you.” I was like “but I don’t want bacon… this is exactly what I ordered.” This went on for what seemed like 2 or 3 minutes and I was starting to get a little irrate, but we finally got it sorted out.

I wasn’t too impressed with their burger actually. Their burgers were “steakburgers” which gave me the impression that they’d be the kind of handpacked big burgers that you might find at So Long Saloon… some really good shit. But nah, these burgers were not like that at all… these still looked like they were handmade burgers, but they were thin sheets of beef. Luckily, I was warned beforehand of what to expect… and that’s why I had to opt for the double. I will give them this though, their small shake was fucking delicious and not really that small at all. They also sold a shake called “The Skyscraper Shake,” a shake designed for anywhere from 2 to 4 people, I guess depending on how much shake each person can take down. Might have to go back to check that out sometime.

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