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April 12, 2006 at 8:46 PM | Concerts, Good Times, Music | 1 Comment

Through a strange twist of fate, I have suddenly found myself going to a number of concerts in the near future. In the very near future (AKA tomorrow), I have the Fallout Boy/Hawthorne Heights/All-American Rejects show. And then next month, another show with The Subways (who I actually saw not too long ago), and Imogen Heap… both shows in Lawrence.

That last Subways was so fucking hot, I can’t wait to see them again… I never got around to writing about that show, but let me tell you, it was a good one. I ended up going to that one with Kyle and this girl in one of his night classes. I have to be honest, it was probably one of the funnest shows that I’ve ever been to. The venue was just the perfect size, the band played a great set, and we were all nice and tore up. Here’s hoping the next one is just as good.

The Imogen Heap show, I really wonder how that’s going to go… I’m thinking it might be kind of a little different format than most shows, being a solo act and all. I’ve never seen any footage of her playing any shows but I did see the video of her performing live on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, hosted by Nick Harcourt. She did all of the music by herself on there. Now, I guess this really isn’t too far fetched, considering the number of Joy Electric shows that I have frequented over the years. While I enjoyed every JE show that I’ve gone to, the Ronnie Martin solo act just did not compare to the first time that I saw him perform with live drums. That was the same show that Ryan and I saw Goat Explosion… that was a good one. I’ve seen pictures of Jeff Cloud playing with Ronnie too, on the key-tar, if I’m not mistaken. A solo act is cool, but a couple more people on stage doing their thing is probably even a better time. Anyways, Imogen’s music is amazing. I enjoyed everything that she put out with Frou Frou and her solo albums are just as good if not better than those. I thought that she’d never come around these parts, but then again, I thought that I would never see The Cardigans either.

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  1. i heard the subways concert is cancelled

    Comment by Sam — April 25, 2006 #

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