So… My Keyboard is Fucked

April 1, 2006 at 9:28 PM | Nerd, Site/Personal | No Comments

This isn’t the first time I wrote this post. I actually lost it when I was almost done with it and totally just closed the browser before I had saved.

I had to type this up on the laptop because my keyboard on my computer just started messing up all of a sudden. The U key opens up a calculator. The backspace key or the CTRL key mutes the sound. The mute button does a backspace and mutes the sound. The 6 key works every third hit or so. The Enter key sometimes types a “6″. I seriously thought it was a virus when this started happening the other night and I hadn’t discovered that it was actually my own keystrokes causing all this to happen. But, I plugged Sam’s keyboard in this morning and it was all good and the on-screen keyboard was fine too. It has to be the keyboard right? Anyways, everything’s just so fucked up that in the fury of typing up this post the first time, all these calculators were popping up, the music was cutting in and out like crazy that I almost killed myself. Do you know how many U’s are in a post like this? A whole lot. And when I started alt+F4′ing to close all these calculators, I accidentally closed the browser. The shit was so infuriating because it was like I couldn’t even tell anybody about it. But now I have, so take that, devil keyboard.

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