Somebody Gonna Get A-Hurt Real Bad

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The MajesticFriday night, I went to a poker party with Albert. This lady on his team was having a get-together at her house and she was making lasagna. I’d been eating pasta for every single meal of the week and I even passed up pho just to finish up the last bit of my pasta… but who could pass up free lasagna and poker? Eh… let me clarify… the poker wasn’t free, it was $20 to play. But yeah, can you believe that shit? I passed up pho!! Believe me, it was not easy.

Now, I enjoy a good game of poker, but $20 is pretty rich. A little too rich for me. I mean we used to play $5 buy-in games back at the house in Manhattan… so one time somebody invited me to go play poker and I was absolutely floored to hear that it was $10. I was like “Oh my godddd, how you gonna play it like that?? Nah, let me know if you do $5 sometime.” And then later that week, I heard that game had somehow turned into a $20 game. I was like “daaammmmn sonn.”

So yeah, I don’t really know why I decided to play this particular time… even though I knew well in advance that it was going to be $20. And especially since I have never ever won any money playing poker in a house game. Ever! I’ve never even made my money back! So that gets old pretty quick and towards the end I stopped playing. I just couldn’t hang with those guys, I guess.

Anyways, Albert and I rolled up in there and somehow I ended up taking third (out of 15), which got me $35. Not too bad. And I got to take home a plate of that lasagna, a loaf of garlic bread, and this box of holiday themed sugar cookies. It was a flat-out raging success if I’d ever seen one.

Saturday started off with a friendly couple of hours of ping pong as they usually do. Chandrak and I hit up an IHOP afterwards. Originally, we decided to go to IHOP because he had these coupons that were supposedly for buy one get one free. But these blasted coupons had so much fine print on them, you wouldn’t even believe. First of all, you can’t use them on the weekends, so that right there shot the whole plan down. Next, you couldn’t use them on the current specials. And it wasn’t buy one get one, it was actually buy one get the other for $1. And you had to buy two drinks. So… yeah. Well, we were already there, so we were like whatever and ate some breakfast. I feel like I’ve been eating IHOP a lot lately. And I dunno if that’s necessarily a good thing.

And then that night, we all went out to Granfalloon’s for Rob’s birthday, as organized by Summer. It was actually his birthday like a whole three weeks ago or so, but due to everybody going out of town and Thanksgiving weekend n shit, this was actually the first weekend that most everyone was in KC and able to go out. It was a grand ol time.

Tonight, a group of us went out to The Majestic to see Russell Peters at the Improv comedy club. I first heard of Russell Peters from this video clip of one of his comedy shows that circulates around work. If you haven’t heard of him, you should check out some of his stuff sometime, it’s hot shit. He’s an Indian from Canada and his material is “racially charged,” I think is what I read in one review. And it’s true. We were sitting right up in the front and Albert ended being the subject of some of his jokes. I’ve never been up in The Majestic before… it seems like a pretty “hip” place to be. I might have to check out some other shows there sometime.

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