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October 23, 2005 at 1:04 AM | Nerd, Site/Personal, Work | No Comments

Samsung SPH-A840Very soon now, I shall be retiring my tired, old Nokia 8290. I am actually very surprised that it has lasted me this long, what with the wear and tear that it has experienced over the years… dozens of drops, shattering to pieces on the floor, LEDs fried, sweet & sour sauce dripped into the earpiece, and even lost and left behind in Tokyo… it’s been through a lot. The battery can barely hold a charge anymore, the only faceplate that still works with the keys is missing several pieces, and the paint’s peeling… so yeah, it’s time to move on. I also changed my cell phone provider along with getting a new phone.

And honestly, now’s a good a time as any to switch… I get no signal whatsoever in the building that I work in. They say that it has something to do with the construction of the building or the materials that they used or something. And it’s just that building too, because when I used to work in a different building on campus, I got good reception. I mean, I’m in this building for a good 8 or 9 hours of the day all week, so it really feels like a huge waste to be paying for something that I can’t even use for the better part of the day, when I should.

Anyways, they got Sprint and Verizon to put in repeaters in the building so both of those get good signal inside. I understand that there is some kind of movement to get T-Mobile to follow suit but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. I haven’t heard much about people wanting Cingular. Why I’m so skeptical about the prospect of T-Mobile or Cingular making their way to our building is because our company has some sort of deal worked out with Sprint and Verizon. I don’t have all the details but oh yeah, there’s some kind of deal there.

I actually already have my new phone (Samsung SPH-A840), new service (Sprint), and new number set up. But I plan to get my old number ported over to my new phone so I figured there’s no use in getting that number out there. Besides, it’s a dirty Missouri number. I can’t be having that. My contract with T-Mobile ends at the end of the month so that’s when this’ll all be going down. I can’t wait.

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