Amanda’s Rilo Kiley Compilation

August 29, 2005 at 12:38 AM | Mixes | 2 Comments

Photo: Sasha EisenmanThis one is pretty much a re-done version of Liz’s compilation. Obviously, the most glaring difference here is the fact that Liz’s was in reverse chronological order, whereas this one is in chronological order. The reason for this difference was because the purpose of Liz’s was for getting her a Rilo Kiley crash course. I figured that by putting the newest songs first, she would probably have a better chance of hearing songs from their live set. And I was right, for the most part. But they also went way back in their catalog, too. They busted out 85 that night as the second encore… which I did not see coming. This compilation’s purpose is certainly gentler in comparison, so I was able to put together what I felt to be a better rounded group of songs for the casual introduction to Rilo Kiley’s music.

I think a lot of their older material is some of their best work, but at the same time, harder to accept for most people. But, I trust that Amanda can appreciate it. This is the reason for the inclusion of the two tracks from The Initial Friend EP.

The other thing that I wanted to do was include more tracks with Blake Sennett on a prominent vocal part… songs like Ripchord, Rest Of My Life, Salute My Shorts!, Papillion… but I ended up just using one of these, due to space issues. It’s always about space. I love Jenny’s voice, but Blake’s is pretty unique and you can’t fully grasp the Rilo Kiley sound until you get some of Blake’s vocals in there.

I also added the only version of Pull Me In Tighter that I have access to. I had not heard this song prior to the show, but I wish I had because it’s great. I don’t believe that there has been a studio recording of this song released anywhere, but I could be mistaken.

  1. Rilo Kiley – Teenage Love Song (later mix)
  2. Rilo Kiley – Frug
  3. Rilo Kiley – Science vs. Romance
  4. Rilo Kiley – Pictures Of Success
  5. Rilo Kiley – Plane Crash In C
  6. Rilo Kiley – Always
  7. Rilo Kiley – Rest Of My Life
  8. Rilo Kiley – Paint’s Peeling
  9. Rilo Kiley – The Execution Of All Things
  10. Rilo Kiley – Capturing Moods
  11. Rilo Kiley – My Slumbering Heart
  12. Rilo Kiley – It’s A Hit
  13. Rilo Kiley – Portions For Foxes
  14. Rilo Kiley – I Never
  15. Rilo Kiley – More Adventurous (live)
  16. Rilo Kiley – Somebody Else’s Clothes (live)
  17. Rilo Kiley – The Good That Won’t Come Out (live)
  18. Rilo Kiley – Pull Me In Tighter (live on XFM)

I’ve always had a difficult time putting a label to Rilo Kiley. Is it “indie-rock, alt-country, pop/folk”? I dunno. That’s why I don’t like labeling music as one thing or the other. But it seems that people certainly expect you to.


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  1. man, I love Rilo Kiley. I’m looking up some of those songs right now (the ones that aren’t on the 3 main albums). I can’t even classify music, I suck at it. I just say “indie” and that they had a record on Saddlecreek and leave it at that.

    Comment by Rachael — August 30, 2005 #

  2. My god! Now those are picture perfect liberals!

    Comment by LL — September 1, 2005 #

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