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July 26, 2005 at 10:34 PM | Movies, Nostalgia, Site/Personal, TV | 2 Comments

Mischa BartonI’ve always felt like The O.C. robbed me of something. Someone, I should say. Mischa Barton. I was watching the show the other day and I was talking to Sam about it… I casually mentioned, “You know I’ve been in love with Mischa Barton ever since I saw her in The Sixth Sense?”

“She was in The Sixth Sense?”

I am actually fairly accustomed to hearing this response. I’ve come across way too many people who didn’t know that she was in that movie. So I gave him my usual reply:

“Yeah. She was the dead girl.”

Yeah, you remember the dead girl!! The dead puking girl, if that helps. But let’s not stray far from the obvious question here. You may be wondering: just where do I get off by saying that I was in love with Mischa when I first saw her there? I mean she was pretty young at the time–she was, what, 13 at the time? You also have to understand that I was pretty young back then too, I was like 15. We’ve both kind of grown up together. Well… not together, but you know what I mean. Uh… simultaneously?

But the point is, I’m not sure too many people are even aware of most of her other works, pre-Orange County. I went on to check out Skipped Parts, Lost and Delirious, Tart, and Lawn Dogs… all good movies in my opinion, all made better by Mischa. Check em out if you get a chance.

And then The O.C. blows up and now all of a sudden, she’s everywhere in all these magazines and commercials… crazed fans started popping out of the woodwork left and right. It’s just not right.

I guess it’s the same sort of feeling you get when your favorite, secret little “indie” band all of a sudden “sells out” and goes “mainstream.” You know you should feel happy for their success… but having to suddenly share them with a larger number of (less deserving) people isn’t fun.


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  1. okay she was about 12 and we were like 24 at the time. you perv. the puking dead girl was totally off limits.

    Comment by yost — July 28, 2005 #

  2. hello

    Comment by sweet — May 5, 2007 #

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