Fourth of July Weekend

July 24, 2005 at 10:32 PM | Food, Site/Personal, Wichita | No Comments

I was back in Wichita for the long weekend. I’ve done the drive from KC to Wichita and back, but for some reason the drive was extremely difficult. There really isn’t a whole lot to see along the road and the long stretches of construction-induced two-lane highway didn’t help either.

And actually, the drive down started off kind of slow because I guess there was some accident on 169, crossing the river. There were cops blocking off one of the lanes and traffic had slowed to a crawl. It took me a good 30, maybe 45 minutes just to get across the bridge.

So then after that, it was just driving, driving, driving with nothing really exciting to see. Except when I made to down to a stretch of road down by El Dorado Lake. That’s when I started hitting an unusual amount of bugs. The bug impacts were so frequent, I kept thinking that it was raining. I must’ve hit every bug living in the area that night. I got a good look at the damage the next morning. I’ve never seen so many bug gut splatters in my life. I asked a couple of people if they’ve had similar experiences of driving by lakes at night in the summertime, but nobody seemed to be able to recall finding themselves in a similar situation.

So what’s new in town? Not the new location of Pho Hien II, that’s for sure. I was all excited to see how Pho Hien II would fare at their brand new location, across the street. Would it be super clean? Would that affect the quality of the food? Unfortunately, they had not yet made the move yet and were still at the same old location. I met up with Martin, Ryan, Chris, and Tiffany at the old Pho Hien II and had myself a large bowl of pho. God, I love that place.

I guess I haven’t been to the Target on the west side of town in a while. I swung by there on Sunday afternoon to check something out, only to find the lot empty, the entrances sealed, and all Target logos removed, leaving behind a lonely tan building with the telltale red stripes. I called my mom up, who being a full-time resident of Wichita, would probably know best about the whereabouts of Target. She explained to me that Target had relocated a long time ago and was surprised that I didn’t know. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t shop at Target a whole lot. Somehow, I had managed to block Target out of my mind. I probably drove by there on several occasions, but didn’t notice/care that the lots were empty and that the building was stripped down. I only recently started shopping at Target because there’s one right across the street from where I live in KC.

The Fourth of July was a bust. We were going to have our annual Fourth of July get-together on Sunday but there was some killer storm that night with hail, tornadoes n shit. So we had to reschedule to Monday (which was actually July 4) but I left Monday morning after getting some dim sum at Tom’s. The return trip was just as boring as the drive down, minus the excitement of hitting thousands upon thousands of bugs because it was daytime. Or because the surviving bugs didn’t have enough time to regenerate their population after I came through and almost wiped them all out.

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