Batman Begins

July 22, 2005 at 8:08 PM | Movies | 1 Comment

I went to see this movie on opening weekend. It wasn’t half bad. I’ve always been a big fan of the first two Batman movies (Batman, Batman Returns), but it’s been downhill since. I guess people were saying that this movie was supposed to redeem the Batman movie franchise for having put out Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Now, I’m not sure where I heard this, or even if I heard anybody saying anything at all… maybe I was just hoping that this would be the one–the one that would have a positive impact on the Batman movies as a whole. And I think it did a good job in that area. But I still like Batman Returns better. There are primarily two things about this movie that keep it from being as good of a movie as it ought to be. First of all, someone decided that Batman should do this crazy growling voice whenever he talks. What’s up with that? That has got to stop. Secondly, Katie Holmes, even though she’s hot, she does this annoying thing where she’ll talk out of the side of her mouth. She’s a side-talker. I haven’t really seen her in too many other TV shows or movies, so maybe she’s always done that, I dunno, but that has got to stop as well.

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  1. That growling voice? That’s darkness.

    Comment by LL — July 23, 2005 #

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