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July 6, 2005 at 12:22 AM | Concerts, KCMO | No Comments

Beach Ball IPerhaps the biggest shame is how they traded in that awesome stageshow “W” that some might consider synonymous with the band itself… for a big electronic, multicolor glowing thing that appears in the background of Make Believe.

Nice going, Weezer.

But seriously. I was excited about going to this concert all day. It was an OK show… Cake was a lot of fun and Weezer played about half and half in terms of Make Believe and pre-Make Believe. Hell, even the songs from Make Believe sounded decent live. Hearing these songs performed live, you kind of get a better sense of what Rivers might have intended them to be. But I’m still upset about the W. I ain’t even joking about that shit.

Also, I spent an hour and a half just getting out of the parking lot. That was a fucking riot. I must’ve used a quarter tank of gas just inching my way out of that goddamn grass lot. It’s not like I could’ve just waited it out… cuz cars were moving, just ever so slowly. They had to send in the police to regulate that shit. I almost remember the drive out better than the show itself.

Anyways, I guess I should explain how I found myself at this show so suddenly. I mean, I usually announce these sorts of things months in advance as being “on the horizon” but this one really jumped out of nowhere. You see, I had heard of this concert a long time ago but had been debating whether or not to go simply because I had listened to Weezer’s new album and was unsure whether supporting their release of such garbage was my best move. Plus, I had to work on the day of the show. But I do like Cake. And The Elevator Division would be there. I was pretty torn about the whole matter.

The first resolution came when I realized that I really didn’t know anybody interested in going to this show. I decided that if nobody else was going, then I wasn’t going to go. There are some exceptions, but in general, I probably wouldn’t go to a concert by myself. It kind of falls in the category of going to a movie by yourself or eating at a sit-down restaurant by yourself… you just don’t do it. Case in point, if The Cardigans come around these parts again, y’all can go fuck yourselves, cuz I’m going to that show regardless of my company.

The reversal came when I started talking to Mandy about the show and she was telling me that she might go and that she knew some people interested in going. Well that just about sealed the deal?I was going to the show. Nevermind that this all went down less than a week from the day of the show. Nevermind that nobody had tickets yet. Having suffered a recent series of missed concerts due to lack of planning, I wasn’t about to give up on this one so easily.

It was Monday, the day before the show. Due to unexpected ticket prices, I suddenly found it upon myself to get ahold of some tickets. I drove down to the local Price Chopper. They didn’t do Ticketmaster. I asked them where I could do Ticketmaster. They didn’t know, they just knew they didn’t do it. I drove down to the Hyvee in Gladstone. They did Royals tickets, but no Ticketmaster. I asked them where I could do Ticketmaster. The guy behind the counter didn’t know, pulled out a phone book to see what he could find under “Ticketmaster” in the business pages. The whole time, I’m standing there thinking “my god, what an idiot…” Another guy behind the Hyvee counter comes up, says they do Ticketmaster at The Jones Store at North Metro. I went to The Jones Store in North Metro. As I walk towards the entrance, somebody yells at me from their car: “They close in 5 minutes!” I ran inside, found the Customer Service counter (upstairs) and asked if they did Ticketmaster. “Yes, we do, but we stop selling at 6.” It was 6:58. The lady behind the counter informed me that everybody stops selling tickets at 6. There wasn’t another place for me to drive to, even if I wanted to. I didn’t want to, but I would have done it.

I must have been driving around town for like an hour. At least. Oh yeah, and while I was at Price Chopper, I bought some peaches and a big pack of chicken drumsticks. So I was driving around, trying to keep my chicken cool so it wouldn’t go bad. I honestly didn’t think I would be so long.

I know when I have faced my defeat. I called up Mandy and told her that I couldn’t get tickets. She went and picked up tickets at her local Hyvee less than an hour later. They got the Ticketmaster hookup in Lawrence, I guess.

On the horizon: Coldplay / Rilo Kiley, 09/21/05, KCMO

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