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OK so get this: I went to the library to print off some PDFs last night. I got there and I went to retrieve my files from an e-mail that I sent myself… but it wouldn’t let me open my files! I could most certainly download the file, but I couldn’t open it. I was under the impression that opening PDF files was a pretty common thing to be doing. I mean, I’ve heard of the viruses that travel via PDF files but they require the full version of Adobe Acrobat to spread. But the bottom line is that they wouldn’t let me open my files and they pointed me in the direction of a different library network or Kinko’s.

But first, let me explain why I was going to the library to print things off. Yes, I happen to own a printer. As a matter of fact, it’s a printer/scanner but I only really use the scanner part because I figured that I print so few pages that it wouldn’t be worth it to get ink. Because you know that inkjet ink? That stuff dries up. I know this because I’ve seen it happen. And that ink don’t come cheap. So that’s why I always used to go on campus to print stuff off (they gave us so many free pages anyways). I suppose I could print stuff off at work now, but I figure I’d better keep it professional there. And plus, I needed those files printed off ASAP last night.

The Kinko’s was just down the street so I thought I would check them out. Plus, I didn’t like the thought of signing up for a different library card. Being a copy/printing company, Kinko’s was able to print off my documents in a hurry, full service style. I handed my USB flash drive to the guy working the counter and we go to a computer and I tell the guy what files to print and he did it. And the paper was some hardcore, nice and heavy paper too. And if that wasn’t enough, it cost me less to print at Kinko’s. It was 17 cents at Kinko’s, a phenomenal 3 cents less than what I would have paid at the library to do it myself, on inferior paper.

The guy at Kinko’s who printed my documents off, well he hit the keys on the keyboard and clicked the mouse buttons harder than I have ever seen anybody hit keys or click buttons. He was jabbing them in quick, loud flicks of his finger and it was amazing that some of the keys didn’t pop right out. But, I suppose it’s their computer equipment, so whatever.

But considering that pretty much everything is better at Kinko’s, I’ll be taking my printing there from now on. Now I ain’t doggin on the public library or nothing… hell, I’ll still go to the library if I want to get some books n shit, because last I heard, they’ve still got Kinko’s beat in that department by just a little bit.

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