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June 17, 2005 at 7:04 AM | Good Times, Movies, Site/Personal, Work | 1 Comment

Hey hey what’s going on. Today, I’ve got this crazy meeting spanning over all possible lunch hours, from like 11 to 2… it’s gonna suck. But in other news, my cousin and his friend(s) are coming up to KC and we’re gonna check out that Batman Begins. Last night, I heard that some critic was giving that movie shit, saying it was so bad that if they’d started off the Batman movie franchise with Batman Begins, they probably would’ve stopped right there. That’s pretty cold. But I guess we’ll see huh. I’m curious to see what they got going on in this one.

Oh yeah… one more thing. Last night Rob, Sam, Micheala, her friend Vanessa, and I went out to this bar in the Plaza known as “The Drink.” It was all high-class, VIP shit and all and we rolled up in there and there was this guy at the front, he was like “hey, no hats in the club” to Sam, who was wearing his K-State baseball cap. So we were like OK and went inside this door that was labeled “VIP entrance” and I was thinking to myself “huh, are we VIP?” I’ve never been VIP anywhere for anything. But nobody stopped us so I guess we must’ve been VIP. But by that same token, if I’m VIP, then they’ll just let anybody who rolls by be VIP. That shit ain’t cool. And these people inside were all decked out in business attire and we were like man, fuck this place. None of us were dressed the part. So when Micheala showed up, we went over to Harpo’s in Westport where I guess they were having a special on margaritas. So I ordered one of those and essentially what I got was a virgin margarita… the drink didn’t taste like it had any alcohol in it! So we were like wtf and ordered some beer because they can’t possibly fuck that up.

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  1. [...] So anyways, there were a bunch of us out back, occupying like 3 tables pushed together. It wasn’t just my Compass group there obviously because Sam and Chris also came. Micheala brought her friend from that other night. Amanda’s friend Natalie showed up at some point. Summer brought some of her friends and I am pretty sure there were people there that night that I didn’t even get a chance to meet. Great times. [...]

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