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You will not believe what happened to me on Thursday, even if I tell you. OK, OK, fine, I’ll tell you. I was coming home from Sutton’s place and as I walk up the steps up to my front porch, I don’t know what happened, but I kind of tripped and out spilled like 6 bottles of beer from my case, which instantly shattered on the front steps. It was like 2:30 in the morning and there wasn’t anyone around who saw that shit go down, but I was still pretty upset about the whole situation. There was all this broken glass and beer flowing down the steps. It’s enough to make some people break down and cry.

The only light that I had to work with was this green light coming from the porch light. Apparently, Jeff had stolen this green outdoors lightbulb (you know those big ones that will fit into ordinary sockets but usually won’t fit because the bulb itself is so big?) and put it into our porch light.

I had asked him earlier that same day “Hey, where’d you get that light bulb?”

“I stole it from some house.”

“Was it their porch light?”


I was like “Well, don’t you think it’s gonna look a little suspicious that all of a sudden our house has a green light on our porch?”

“It happens. We used to steal the porch light from these girls that lived across the street back at the other house, and they’d come and steal it back.”


So, there I was, trying to pick up these shards of broken glass in this crazy green (stolen) light that is probably not the best colored light to be doing something dangerous like picking up broken glass in. And it was kind of sprinkling, too. It made the whole thing that much more dramatic. I was pretty sure that I got all of it.

Friday was pretty busy. It all started off with a presentation of our CIS690 project to these people on some CIS advisory board at around 2:30. One of the first things that I noticed on my way out of the house to give this presentation was the broken glass on the steps. Sure, I had thought that I’d cleaned it all up, but I was mistaken. But I guess, I did pretty well for trying to do in the rain, in the darkness of night, with only the illumination from that green porch light. I found a stick in the yard and kind of pushed the remaining pieces to the side of the steps. “I’ll clean that up later.”

The presentation went pretty well. Then the CIS department threw a graduation reception for the graduating class in the Nichols Hall atrium, where we ate all this awesome food. Like, they had these spicy chicken tender things that were fucking delicious. I’d never felt so good to be in the CIS department. We had the forementioned chicken, fruit platters, cheese/cracker platters, wraps, cookies, and some sort of soda/ice cream float drink… I’m not really sure what it was. But yeah, I ate till I could eat no more. So that went down until about 5 when Zack, Sam, and I headed over to the Union for some funnelcake.

Yes, funnelcake. You see, UPC had this big event going down called Springfest, where they brought in a bunch of bands to play, a giant inflatable slide, sand art, airbrush tattoos, free massages, a funnelcake stand, drawings for prizes, t-shirts, an outdoor showing of National Treasure, and free beverages. The beverages were, however, Pepsi Edge or canned Tropicana pink lemonade. Now, I like pink lemonade as much as the next person, but what was the deal with the Pepsi Edge? Nah, it’s not for me.

Oh yeah, so about the funnelcake situation. We’d read that the first 250 were going to be free, so we figure it’d be a fantastic dessert for the food at the CIS graduation reception. We rolled around the corner and my god, there was a huge line of people waiting for funnelcake. It’d been at least 4 or 5 years since I’ve had funnelcake (which I suddenly thought to be highly irregular, given the events in my life in these past 4 or 5 years). There was probably already 250 people in line, and even if there wasn’t, we weren’t going to stick around to wait for the 248th, 249th, and 250th funnelcake.

Inside, we went past this display outside of the union’s computer store, where they were having a Tiger release party, with pizza. I really didn’t care about the free pizza… because I’d just had all that food, I don’t think I could’ve eaten a slice (free funnelcake on the other hand, I would’ve eaten, even if it would’ve killed me). No, what I was really interested in was seeing the Mac OS X Tiger demonstration, just to see what the hubbub was all about. But as soon as I get over there, they throw this sheet over the computer and I’m like “wha?”, but then realize that they were counting the thing down and they were gonna show it in 30 minutes. Man, I can’t be expected to wait for 30 minutes. I got shit to do.

And that shit that we gotta do is walk around aimlessly in the union, fucking with little kids with laser pens, drinking free lemonade, and checking out the bands playing.

There was this ACM meeting at 6 and then an all-night LAN party starting at 7:30. Both of these activities were going down in Nichols. I didn’t really feel like sticking around for the ACM meeting, but that LAN party sounded like a good time. So I went home to get my computer, but the only thing was, Ben Kweller was playing in the Union at about 9:30 so I figured I’d better sit out the LAN party and wait to go after the concert. I figurd the LAN party would be going on well into the wee hours of the morning. On the way out to my car, Sam and I saw a bunch of these people riding down the street on bicycles yelling n shit, all wearing these orange t-shirts. Apparently, it was the “Tour De Apple.” Funny.

I called up Liz and she was apparently a big fan of the band that played before Ben Kweller, called Ruskabank, this local ska band. You may have heard some of their songs on the radio… it’s hot shit. I’d thought that ska was dead, but I guess I was wrong.

So anyways, we head out to the show early. I told her about the funnelcake incident that we’d had earlier and how long it’d been since I’d had one. I guess she was pretty excited to hear about the availability of funnelcakes and settled that we’d split one. Alas, when we got there, they were just closing up shop on the funnelcake stand. That was twice in the same day that damned funnelcake stand had led to disappointment.

On the way, we saw the people walking around and hanging out in the old stadium for some sort of Relay For Life type deal. It was pretty hardcore of them, I guess, because it was pretty cold. Oh yeah, and I saw this guy on a unicycle across the street. I was like “heeeeeey!” and took some pictures of him. Well, I tried anyways… I guess it’s hard to pose on a unicycle or something. So I ended up with a couple of pictures of this guy falling off of a unicycle. But yeah, Liz was saying that she sees the unicycle guy all the time around her apartment. I told her that I’d never seen him before (as if that wasn’t apparent by my actions). I’m fairly certain that I would’ve remembered if I had seen a guy on a unicycle.

So yeah, we try some of that Pepsi Edge and yeah, it’s not very good. We catch like the last 3 or 4 songs of Ruskabank and they’re pretty good. But that Ben Kweller, he plays some really cool music; I’m really glad that I checked out the show.

I head over to the LAN party to check it out and it’s still going pretty strong. I saw a lot of people playing Warcraft, lot of people playing Counter-Strike, some people playing various other FPS’s. At that point, I was pretty tired so I didn’t really feel like going home to get my computer, and set it up. It didn’t look like it was organized enough… like there were too many people playing different games. And there wasn’t as much yelling as I’d thought there would be. You know how LAN games make people yell out profanities. It can’t be helped.

So I hang around for a bit, check out the happenings for an hour or two, and then head out. There was just so much going on in town today, it was pretty crazy. I’ve still got that glass on the front steps to clean up. Tomorrow morning.

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