Star Wars: Episode III

May 20, 2005 at 2:20 PM | Movies, Site/Personal | No Comments

I went to see Episode III with Aldie yesterday. I’m gonna post about the movie, but I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it.

So here I was thinking that the thing would be all sold out, you know, line wrapped around the building n shit on the opening day… so I called up the Warren and ordered some advance tickets ($1 extra). I remember Jeremy telling me that his brother had bought a ticket about a month ago and many showings were already sold out. I was like “thank God I was able to score these tickets… in the main theater too.” I headed out there with plenty of time to get there and get a good seat. I even ran into a bunch of traffic/construction on the way, but I was confident that I would still be able to get a somewhat decent seat, maybe not my ideal seat of choice, but good enough. But when I got there, I noticed that the place was surprisingly vacant. No line; there was hardly anybody in the lobby… what was going on here? Was everybody already in the theatre, sitting in their awesome seats, while I had to wait for Aldie to show up?

I went and got my tickets from the ticket counter and sat outside for a bit. It was a scorcher yesterday. I had this bottle of water out in my car, nearly boiled by the time I got out of the movie.

Anyways, Aldie shows up not too much later and we roll inside. There was like 4 people in the theater at the time. I think every group of people that went to that show was able to sit in the middle of their own row. And since most people like to sit in the middle of a row during a movie (with the exception of my mom, who likes to sit near the aisle, so she can “get out quicker”), everybody in the theatre was lined up down the middle.

Well… no, I take that back… there was this group of like 4 kids who insisted on sitting on our row. Like, right next to me n shit. Didn’t even give me a buffer seat. Now, I don’t really mind sitting right next to somebody in a crowded, sold out show, but this I thought was somewhat unnecessary. And the worse part of it was the fact that one of these kids, like 2 seats over, was what I like to call a “heavy breather.” These are the people who breathe unusually loud even though we were all just sitting there watching a movie, not doing any kind of strenuous physical activity. It resembled a light snoring sound and I was almost certain that this kind of heavy breathing sound couldn’t be possible without also being a “mouth breather”, but I looked down the row on several occasions and yes, the kid was awake, no, his mouth wasn’t open. I was perplexed. And quite annoyed. Aldie evn thought it was coming from somebody’s snoring from like 3 rows down. I was like “Nah, it’s this kid over here…” and he was like “Damn, that must 3 times as annoying for you!” Indeed it was.

But yeah, about the movie. I would say that this is probably my favorite out of the new Star Wars movies. It’s all dark, action packed, and intense n shit. And I guess it kind of wraps things up kind of nicely. As for my question about what Chewbacca was doing in Episode III… I’m still not sure about that one. I mean, yes, there were lots of wookies in the movie, but did one of them have to be Chewbacca? I would say no, that’s stretching it. Oh yeah, and there was this one scene in the movie that I thought was particularly cheesy: it was where Darth Vader had just gotten fixed up into the classic Darth Vader helmet/suit and he gets upset about something and yells out “nooooooo” with the camera looking down on the scene. Watch for it. It was supposed to be dramatic n shit but I found myself busting up in laughter. In fact, I would say that all of the helmeted Darth Vader scenes (of which there were few), made him look like a whining little bitch. I just couldn’t take him seriously… what with the things that he was saying. But I dunno, maybe I can’t really blame him… Natalie Portman is pretty smokin’ hot.

Leaving the show, we saw a long line waiting for the next showing. Apparently, the 6:00 show was the one everyone was going for.

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