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March 1, 2005 at 12:51 AM | KSU, Random, Site/Personal | No Comments

I tell you, I just don’t know what’s been up lately. I feel like I’m always forgetting things recently. A while back, it was the weekly geology quiz. Then I forgot about/overslept a CIS541 lab today. And earlier today, I realized that I had forgotten to submit grades for my 541 team (that I’m supposed to do every Friday). And you would not believe the amount of stuff that I had intentions of posting on here, but somehow let it slip through the cracks because I forgot about it. And it’s a shock to me everytime too. I’m just going about my business, doing what I do, when all of a sudden it’ll dawn on me that there was something that I was supposed to be doing or have done some time ago. It’s not a cool feeling, I’ll tell you that right now. It’s not that I want to be this flaky about things… and I’m usually not, but a whole series of these events have been happening recently and I’m starting to become a little concerned.

Maybe I need to start taking some of those supplements n shit. You know, the ones that are supposed to help your memory. And are all-natural. Yeah, whatever those are called. I forget. And if they come in pill form, I could swallow them without the aid of water, taking advantage of my newfound skills.

You know it always, always amazes me when I hear of things like that being all-natural. Because it’s like “whoa, there was this wild product found in nature, right under our noses, all along… but we just didn’t know to look for it. But now we do, and here it is.” So I find myself amazed at the notion of this discovery. But I know I shouldn’t be, because what defines “all-natural” anyways? From nature? What’s not from nature, I guess is the real question here. You think those chemicals that scientists brew up in labs, you think that just came from nothing? Nah, they concocted that shit from extractions here and there from things found in nature, if you look far back enough. At what point does something cease to be from nature? I dunno.

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