How I Came To Rediscover Mounds

March 8, 2005 at 9:19 PM | Food, KSU | 1 Comment

I found out something about myself the other day. I was at school, in between classes, eating at the Union. On my way out, I passed by the tables in the Union set up by SGA candidates. Now, as far as voting goes in the university setting, I’m about as apathetic as I am with the presidential election. However… there was this table that had a bowl of candy bars and shirts out. I didn’t care much for the shirt or the SGA candidate, but the candy bar, I didn’t mind. These candybars had a promotional sticker on them with the candidates slogan on it, but that’s not important. The important thing is this: the candy bar (“fun size”) was an Almond Joy. It’d been so long since I’ve had me an Almond Joy. It was fucking delicious. I loved every second of it. In this fashion, I found out that I am a huge fan of the chocolate with the coconut. Killer combination. But being a fun size candybar (what’s so fun about a little ass half a biteful candybar?), it ran out as quickly as it arrived.

I was informed that Almond Joy’s alter ego, Mounds, was made from dark chocolate. And minus the almond. I like the idea of a good dark chocolate. Yes I do. So, I can only imagine if I liked this Almond Joy so much, that Mounds must be phenomenal. Don’t worry, a big bag of it is already on my next shopping list.

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  1. [...] Also, as promised, I purchased some Mounds candy bars. I tried to buy more than I was actually able to. They had a big bag of like 24 fun size Almond Joy bars for sale. When I saw this, I was naturally expecting a similar bag of Mounds nearby. No such luck. What was going on? Is Mounds the ugly sibling of the two? Do people dislike dark chocolate? My thoughts are that this is exactly the case and that people just don’t buy Mounds as much as Almond Joys, thereby affecting inventory decisions. Higher up on the shelf was an 8-pack of fun size Almond Joys in what was called a “Pack-a-Snack.” Fortunately, there was a similar package of Mounds so I grabbed that up. It was at this time that I saw the carton of Whoppers just a little ways down the aisle. Shit brought me back to ‘89. Nah, I kid, I kid… but it does bring me back though, I dunno why I thought ‘89… I actually said out loud “Ohhh shit–Whoppers! That shit brings me back to ‘89.” You can quote me on that one. Anyways, it brings me back to the old apartment days, living with my brother when we’d put all varieties of chocolates into the freezer, Whoppers being one of my favorites. I kept on seeing candy that I liked, it was awful. I mean, I don’t go browsing in the candy aisle very often but now I probably know why. “Like a kid in a candy store”… even though it was more “like a kid in the candy aisle of Wal-Mart.” Same thing. [...]

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