The Fence Comes Down / Birth

March 27, 2005 at 11:07 PM | Music, Site/Personal | No Comments

As a testament as to how ghetto this house is (if ever there was a doubt, however unlikely that is), on the day that I left for spring break, the neighbor stops by, says that our fence fell on his truck and banged it up a bit. That’s right. Fell. Of course, this is no fault of mine or any of my roommates, so I hook him up with our landlord’s information… his phone number, his cell phone number, the name of his company… pretty much everything except for his name. Naturally, my neighbor was curious as to why I failed to provide him with our landlord’s name. The truth is, I had forgotten my landlord’s name. Desperate, I turned around and saw Tony. He shrugged. He didn’t remember either.

“Eyeah… I don’t remember what the guy’s name is…” It was a rather embarrassing moment.

The thing is, we have this lazy ass landlord who we don’t really hear from too often. Even when it comes time to pick up rent, he shows up like 2 weeks late. As if the rent really wasn’t that big of a deal. I’ve mentioned this before. Furthermore, the checks that we write for rent are not made out to the landlord, but rather his company. So, in a sense, I guess he really isn’t our landlord, but just an agent for our landlord company? Does that work? Does that make sense? Anyways, I was like “OK just call these people and give them our address, I’m sure they can put two and two together.” Our neighbor had to head out to work, so I didn’t get a chance to see the damage on his truck or sit down and try to remember my landlord’s name.

I was in the process of packing up, but around the time that all this went down, I had gotten word that Teacup was giving birth. Having never witnessed the miracle of birth live, I decided to go check it out. So Tony, Kristie, and I huddled over their bed, where Teacup was all hiding in a corner, giving birth. I heard that that’s what cat’s do. They like to do their thing in private, don’t want nobody watching so they go and do the deed in a corner.

I saw it though. Teacup’s baby kitten was all black. And it looked more like a rat than a kitten. The proportions just didn’t resemble that of feline anatomy. And it was all wet and weird looking. It turns out Teacup only had the one kitten. We were all thinking that she would have more, but I left shortly after the first kitten, because I had places to be. I can’t be expected to schedule my day around some cat. But yeah, Tony and Kristie are not going to keep the kittens, so if anybody wants to raise a black cat (feeling lucky?), holla.

In related news… the motherfucking FAINT (with Bright Eyes) is playing in KC on the 28th of April. KC Uptown Theater. 8 PM. Be there. They, of course, have their album entitled Wet From Birth, which is why it is “related news” instead of just “other news.”

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