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they call it a "merrythought" in the UKSo this is a little delayed, but I would like to report on a little incident that happened over Thanksgiving break.

Every year, when everybody is busy in the kitchen, preparing the big Thanksgiving meal, I like to sneak in there and take the wishbone just when my dad is carving the turkey. Then I run off with it and force someone to engage in wishbone tug-of-war for the once-a-year bounty of Thanksgiving related wishmaking. Not that I necessarily believe in the power within breaking some forked bone of a large bird or anything… it’s just something to do I guess.

This year however, when I tried, I couldn’t break that wishbone for the life of me. I tried it with Mandy; I tried it with my aunt; I even went back to the source and tried to split the bone with my dad. No such luck… it was too slippery or something. You know how it goes, there’s all that turkey juice all up on it, making the bone slippery and flexible. So the bone twisted and slipped from fingers constantly until I finally decided to give it up and throw the thing away, unbroken.

Was this a bad sign? I mean, I don’t believe in that wish business, but at least the powers that be could have humored me and let me at least snap the stupid bone. The “powers that be”, in this case, being the laws of physics. Ah well, there’s always next year.

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