A Wonderful Wichita Weekend

September 7, 2004 at 1:17 AM | Food, Good Times, Wichita | No Comments

I'll get to play this bitch for a good solid week or soThe rest of the long weekend treated me pretty good. Saturday night, I left town a little after the game started (we won btw) and got into Ta Town about 9:30PM or so… just in time to get some of that excellent Lee’s Chinese food. So I was eating, when Amanda calls me up and she’s like “hey I just got off work, let’s go out.” So I’m like “aight.” I was a little hesitant at first because I really didn’t get too much sleep from the night before and I’d just barely gotten into town from Manhattan. But you know, I wasn’t in town on her birthday and she was in Europe on my birthday, so going out was a must. Whatever, right? I dropped by her place, picked her up and we went over to Stephanie’s in preparation for a faux double-birthday celebration. Sara and Amanda (different Amanda) were chilling at Steph’s. We had some Heinekens and then hit up this club in downtown called “Budd Ugly’s.” The place is a pretty happening time… drinks were fairly cheap and there were dancers there, dancing up on these little mini-stages Coyote Ugly style. I was like “worrd?” because you don’t see that shit everyday. Yeah so we all got fucked up, dancing and drinking the night away until they kicked us out.

Sunday, my brother and I hit up the Pho Hien II (as if there was any doubt that we would) and man, that’s still the best pho joint I’ve been to. I bought some shit at Best Buy and my brother picked up a PS2. I played it only briefly before I fucking crashed out and took a long ass nap until it was go-time for the big Labor Day barbecue my family was throwing together.

Monday, I had lunch with Mandy at Cinnamon’s Deli (the only other restaurant in Wichita besides the Pho Hien II that deserves visiting, when you can’t stay long).

So all in all, a lot of eating, drinking, sleeping… yeah, a top notch weekend. Again, like a fool, I brought my backpack home for the weekend, thinking “yeah, it’s a new school year… things are gonna be different. I’m gonna get so much homework done.” Hahaha. Yeah, I cracked my backpack open just once over the weekend, and that was to get my iPod out. When the fuck will I ever learn?

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