Spring Break 2003 To-Do List

March 23, 2003 at 6:18 PM | Site/Personal | 1 Comment
  • make dentist appt: check
  • eat some pho: check
  • wash car: it rained… good enough
  • laundry: check
  • watch some movies: Old School, White Oleander, etc.
  • homework: gonna get right on that in a sec
  • PCP/hookers: gave those up for Lent
  • chillin: check
  • stunnin: check
  • n shit: check

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  1. [...] As you may or may not know, last Thursday was Holy Thursday, and thus the day when people of the Catholic faith officially consider Lent to be over. I don’t actually know the full details about the things that I just stated, but I am just repeating what I hear. Now, a girl on my team, Amanda, is Catholic and she and her boyfriend both decided to give up dining out for Lent. I’ve actually heard about this one before… Stacy told me about it and I recall telling her that I was giving up PCP and hookers. [...]

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