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Hoooly shit!!!  I watched the movie Borat tonight and that movie is out of control!!  But in a good way!  Go see it, I beg of you.


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Mickey from FantasiaI can only recall falling asleep during a movie at the movie theatre twice. One of those times was during the movie U.S. Marshalls–I remember I wasn’t particularly fond of the movie and it was one of those midnight showings. It happens.

The other time was during Disney’s Fantasia when I was a small child. My mom took me to the movie. I don’t remember why they were showing it in the theatres because the original came out in 1940, but this was definitely a theatre showing prior to the release of Fantasia 2000. Anyways, I remember being all excited about it because I thought it was a new Mickey Mouse movie. Boy was I wrong. I fell asleep almost immediately after the movie began and pretty much slept through the whole thing.

Sure I tried watching it a few times after that incident… like they’d show it in school every once in a while… but when the lights are dimmed and that movie starts going, I’m pretty much guaranteed to pass out. Even to this very day, I haven’t watched that film in its entirety and I doubt that I ever will. I’m not saying that purely out of spite… I’m sure the animation is all brilliant n shit and the music I’m sure is equally impressive… it’s just not for me. But damn them for tricking me into thinking it was a Mickey Mouse movie so many years ago. I will never forgive them for that.

The Last Kiss

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Speaking of Rachael Yamagata, I found out that she has a track on a soundtrack for the upcoming Zach Braff movie, The Last Kiss. Incidentally, Zach had some hand in picking out the songs to go on the soundtrack, much like he did for the wildly popular Garden State soundtrack.

The story of how I came to discover this bit of information is actually quite lengthy in itself and a few months in the making, but I’m gonna tell it anyways. I am, as you may or may not be aware, quite smitten with Alexis Bledel. She has a lead role in an upcoming movie, I’m Reed Fish. Of course, I watched the trailer as soon as I found out and this is when I discovered the musical workings of Schuyler Fisk, an actress who is also a singer/songwriter. It looks like she stars in the movie as well plays some of her own songs for the movie. I’d seen her before in movies, but I didn’t know that she did music too. Anyways, I went and listened to all of her songs on her website and her myspace and I loved it all. She is currently working on an album and so I’m guessing that she puts out new demos and stuff every once in a while. When I was checking up on her to see if she had any new material available, I found out that she’s contributed a song to the aforementioned soundtrack.

I checked it out and there’s actually a lot of stuff on there that I dig. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Snow Patrol – Chocolate
  2. Joshua Radin – Star Mile
  3. Turin Brakes – Pain Killer
  4. Coldplay – Warning Sign
  5. Cary Brothers – Ride
  6. Athlete – El Salvador
  7. Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek
  8. Rachael Yamagata – Reason Why
  9. Ray LaMontagne – Hold You In My Arms
  10. Remy Zero – Prophecy
  11. Fiona Apple – Paper Bag
  12. Aimee Mann – Today’s The Day
  13. Amos Lee – Arms Of A Woman
  14. Rufus Wainwright – Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk (Reprise)
  15. Schuyler Fisk and Joshua Radin – Paperweight

It’s almost a little too good. Or familar? My initial thought was, hey this looks like a good one. But then I realized that the selection is pretty similar to that of Garden State in terms of the artists found on there. Coldplay, Imogen Heap (in Frou Frou), and Remy Zero all made appearances on Garden State. But with the inclusion of artists like Rachael Yamagata, Fiona Apple, Aimee Mann, and Schuyler Fisk, chances are high that I will like this one even better.

And it’s not like you have to wait for this soundtrack to drop before you can hear these songs (for the most part). All of these tracks, with the exception of the Schuyler Fisk song, already come from existing albums. If you’re resourceful enough, you can probably throw together your own compilation. Alas, its ironic that the only reason why I began looking into all of this was because I wanted to hear the new Schuyler Fisk song. Ah well.

So what about the movie itself? I’m not sure… I have my reservations about Zach Braff projects. OK, you have to admit that the Garden State soundtrack was hot shit and Natalie Portman is always a treat. I didn’t care much for the movie itself though… I just didn’t. That’s right, I went there. The first time I watched it, I actually fell asleep partway through. I thought I didn’t like it because I thought that I might have missed something. So I got up the next day and rewatched the whole thing. Still didn’t like it. Apparently I didn’t miss much. I know it’s not fair for me to compare The Last Kiss to Garden State. But I really don’t have much else to go on. I watched the trailer, it looked interesting enough. And it’s got Rachel Bilson (of The OC fame) in it, though she’s no Natalie Portman… shite, there I go again.

Anyways, hopefully this one won’t disappoint, the soundtrack looks promising enough though, if that means anything to you.

Casino Royale

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Those of you who caught X3 in the theatres should have seen a trailer for Casino Royale this year’s James Bond flick. If it was the first time that you had seen this trailer, as it was for me, than you may have found that it caught you off guard. The first thing that might have crossed your mind when you saw the classic gun barrel intro is “Ohh it’s James Bond… but wait…. what happened to Pierce Brosnan? Why isn’t he James Bond? Is that Pierce Brosnan?” And then you watch on, each moment reassuring you that your eyes had not fooled you… no, that was not Pierce Brosnan. And then your next thought might have been that this was all some elaborate parody film, lord knows Hollywood has been cranking out plenty of those and bad remakes of films lately. And then when the end of the trailer finally hits and “James Bond” didn’t slip on a banana peel or anything silly like that, it may have dawned on you: You realize that the powers that be had just recruited a new James Bond, a new face to put on the iconic character of one of the longest lasting movie series of all time.

I was stunned. It was watching history in the making. Now, I’m not a huge James Bond movie buff, but as I was growing up, I saw countless Bond movies, with a number of different actors playing the role of James Bond over the years. It wasn’t until Pierce Brosnan came along in 1995′s GoldenEye, that I even considered the James Bond series “modern.” He was the James Bond of our generation. And then they had him play 4 of them in a row. Considering that there had already been 4 other James Bonds prior to Brosnan, I kind of expected him to settle into his role for a long time.  He was James Bond.  But I guess Pierce thought otherwise.  Ah well.

Turkish Delight

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Edmund and The White WitchEver since I read C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe back in grade school, I have wondered what this “Turkish Delight” that I read about was. I didn’t know what it was exactly, but I know I wanted some really bad. Not enough to actually go out and find some, but enough to have it grow into a quiet obsession in the back of my mind over the years.

If it was enough to make Edmund crawl back to The White Witch to betray his brother and sisters, I was convinced that this stuff had to be the tops. And what a wonderful name, even… Turkish Delight. Mmmmmmmmm. So wonderful in fact, that there were times when I doubted that it was even a real food product.

And then I saw it. Turkish Delight in the movie. I knew it was coming, too. I watched the lines unfold one by one, just waiting…

“What would you like best to eat?” asked The White Witch.

Turkish Delight,” I breathed.

“Turkish Delight, please, your Majesty,” echoed Edmund on the screen.

Oh my godddd… he said Turkish Delight…

And then she made it appear. And for the first time, I saw what this Turkish Delight looked like. It looked an awful lot like daifuku, or other similar mochi-based products, lightly dusted in powdered sugar. It really wasn’t what I had imagined at all. But that was the trouble… I didn’t know what I had imagined it to be, just something sweet and wonderful, yet never taking any one particular form.

A few weeks later I consulted the internet for information on Turkish Delight, photographs of Turkish Delight, Turkish Delight recipes, places to purchase Turkish Delight, stories about Turkish Delight, and whatever else I could find out about it. That is when I came across this article entitled The Lion, the Witch, and the Really Foul Candy which details the author’s utter disappointment with Turkish Delight and another entitled Why You Won’t Like Turkish Delight As Much As Edmund Did saying that–well, I think the title speaks for itself. Amusing and informative as both of these articles were, it kind of sucks to think that Turkish Delight could not be the awesome treat that I had once imagined, loved by all. But I suppose I can’t just turn away from Turkish Delight until I actually try it for myself.

Maybe if I were to ever find myself in a similar situation, you know, where a White Witch asks me what I would like best to eat, I’d play it safe and say “A bowl of pho dac biet, please, your Majesty.” And I’d coming crawling back for more, too. And you’d better believe that I’d betray your ass if you got in my way.

Cold / Harry Potter Marathon / Back to the Philippines

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First of all, I would like to comment on the fact that it snowed for the first time on Tuesday. The weatherman said that it would snow and there were many naysayers but I was like “nah, it’s gonna snow.” And it did. We were in a meeting and somebody pointed out that it was snowing, and snowing hard. It wasn’t cold or plentiful enough to stick so nothing really happened. But that’s not to say that it hasn’t been cold recently, because it has been damn cold as of late. I be waking up, freezing n shit. We turned the heater on the other day. I certainly don’t want to be responsible for pipes that be bursting n shit. I’m not even sure what’s up with the weather this year… I think it should have snowed already a couple weeks, maybe months, back. Global warming? Global cooling? El niño? I dunno… I don’t keep up with these sorts of details.

In preparation for the new Harry Potter movie coming out this Friday, me and some people are going to have a Harry Potter marathon tomorrow. It should be every bit as exciting as it sounds. And that’s very exciting.

So today, after work, I stopped by Blockbuster to pick up some Harry Potter DVDs. They only had the first two, but it’s cool… It is my opinion that the first two Harry Potter movies are better than the third one, and plus I’ve got the third one as a rip somewhere.

In the same strip mall as this Blockbuster that I went to was this place called Filippina Café (or something to that effect). I was like “oh shit!” when I saw it because I miss that Filipino food so very badly. Some of that afritada… some of that adobo… all that good shit. I ran up in there even though they didn’t look like they were open. There were some people moving some things around and this lady told me that they weren’t open yet. It turns out that they were opening up shop tomorrow. They let me take a look at their menu and it was all there… all of the familiar menu items that I remember seeing from the Philippines… all except for the mango shake. A couple weeks back, Ryan had called me up and was telling me about this Filipino eating establishment that he had run across in Wichita, and they didn’t have the mango shake either. It leads me to believe that the mango shake was probably more of a “I’m actually in the Philippines and I am on the beach” type drink. Since neither of us are in that particular situation at the moment, I suppose a mango shake might be a little too much to ask for. Besides, they’d probably have to resort to mangos from Mexico and that really doesn’t cut it. I’m definitely going to have to check this place out though, probably this weekend. Or maybe tomorrow for lunch and skip out on pho.

Next to the restuarant was this little shop called Manila Grocery. I went in there to check it out and sure enough, they sold a number of food products from the Philippines, as well as various typical Asian grocery store foods. They had Jufran brand products! They even had some of that crazy banana-based ketchup that I tried in the Philippines. The whole trek about this strip mall brought me back and now I’ve got a reason to wake up in the morning. Almost made me forget about the cold, cold weather.

Mischa Barton

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Mischa BartonI’ve always felt like The O.C. robbed me of something. Someone, I should say. Mischa Barton. I was watching the show the other day and I was talking to Sam about it… I casually mentioned, “You know I’ve been in love with Mischa Barton ever since I saw her in The Sixth Sense?”

“She was in The Sixth Sense?”

I am actually fairly accustomed to hearing this response. I’ve come across way too many people who didn’t know that she was in that movie. So I gave him my usual reply:

“Yeah. She was the dead girl.”

Yeah, you remember the dead girl!! The dead puking girl, if that helps. But let’s not stray far from the obvious question here. You may be wondering: just where do I get off by saying that I was in love with Mischa when I first saw her there? I mean she was pretty young at the time–she was, what, 13 at the time? You also have to understand that I was pretty young back then too, I was like 15. We’ve both kind of grown up together. Well… not together, but you know what I mean. Uh… simultaneously?

But the point is, I’m not sure too many people are even aware of most of her other works, pre-Orange County. I went on to check out Skipped Parts, Lost and Delirious, Tart, and Lawn Dogs… all good movies in my opinion, all made better by Mischa. Check em out if you get a chance.

And then The O.C. blows up and now all of a sudden, she’s everywhere in all these magazines and commercials… crazed fans started popping out of the woodwork left and right. It’s just not right.

I guess it’s the same sort of feeling you get when your favorite, secret little “indie” band all of a sudden “sells out” and goes “mainstream.” You know you should feel happy for their success… but having to suddenly share them with a larger number of (less deserving) people isn’t fun.

Batman Begins

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I went to see this movie on opening weekend. It wasn’t half bad. I’ve always been a big fan of the first two Batman movies (Batman, Batman Returns), but it’s been downhill since. I guess people were saying that this movie was supposed to redeem the Batman movie franchise for having put out Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Now, I’m not sure where I heard this, or even if I heard anybody saying anything at all… maybe I was just hoping that this would be the one–the one that would have a positive impact on the Batman movies as a whole. And I think it did a good job in that area. But I still like Batman Returns better. There are primarily two things about this movie that keep it from being as good of a movie as it ought to be. First of all, someone decided that Batman should do this crazy growling voice whenever he talks. What’s up with that? That has got to stop. Secondly, Katie Holmes, even though she’s hot, she does this annoying thing where she’ll talk out of the side of her mouth. She’s a side-talker. I haven’t really seen her in too many other TV shows or movies, so maybe she’s always done that, I dunno, but that has got to stop as well.

The Drink

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Hey hey what’s going on. Today, I’ve got this crazy meeting spanning over all possible lunch hours, from like 11 to 2… it’s gonna suck. But in other news, my cousin and his friend(s) are coming up to KC and we’re gonna check out that Batman Begins. Last night, I heard that some critic was giving that movie shit, saying it was so bad that if they’d started off the Batman movie franchise with Batman Begins, they probably would’ve stopped right there. That’s pretty cold. But I guess we’ll see huh. I’m curious to see what they got going on in this one.

Oh yeah… one more thing. Last night Rob, Sam, Micheala, her friend Vanessa, and I went out to this bar in the Plaza known as “The Drink.” It was all high-class, VIP shit and all and we rolled up in there and there was this guy at the front, he was like “hey, no hats in the club” to Sam, who was wearing his K-State baseball cap. So we were like OK and went inside this door that was labeled “VIP entrance” and I was thinking to myself “huh, are we VIP?” I’ve never been VIP anywhere for anything. But nobody stopped us so I guess we must’ve been VIP. But by that same token, if I’m VIP, then they’ll just let anybody who rolls by be VIP. That shit ain’t cool. And these people inside were all decked out in business attire and we were like man, fuck this place. None of us were dressed the part. So when Micheala showed up, we went over to Harpo’s in Westport where I guess they were having a special on margaritas. So I ordered one of those and essentially what I got was a virgin margarita… the drink didn’t taste like it had any alcohol in it! So we were like wtf and ordered some beer because they can’t possibly fuck that up.

Star Wars: Episode III

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I went to see Episode III with Aldie yesterday. I’m gonna post about the movie, but I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it.

So here I was thinking that the thing would be all sold out, you know, line wrapped around the building n shit on the opening day… so I called up the Warren and ordered some advance tickets ($1 extra). I remember Jeremy telling me that his brother had bought a ticket about a month ago and many showings were already sold out. I was like “thank God I was able to score these tickets… in the main theater too.” I headed out there with plenty of time to get there and get a good seat. I even ran into a bunch of traffic/construction on the way, but I was confident that I would still be able to get a somewhat decent seat, maybe not my ideal seat of choice, but good enough. But when I got there, I noticed that the place was surprisingly vacant. No line; there was hardly anybody in the lobby… what was going on here? Was everybody already in the theatre, sitting in their awesome seats, while I had to wait for Aldie to show up?

I went and got my tickets from the ticket counter and sat outside for a bit. It was a scorcher yesterday. I had this bottle of water out in my car, nearly boiled by the time I got out of the movie.

Anyways, Aldie shows up not too much later and we roll inside. There was like 4 people in the theater at the time. I think every group of people that went to that show was able to sit in the middle of their own row. And since most people like to sit in the middle of a row during a movie (with the exception of my mom, who likes to sit near the aisle, so she can “get out quicker”), everybody in the theatre was lined up down the middle.

Well… no, I take that back… there was this group of like 4 kids who insisted on sitting on our row. Like, right next to me n shit. Didn’t even give me a buffer seat. Now, I don’t really mind sitting right next to somebody in a crowded, sold out show, but this I thought was somewhat unnecessary. And the worse part of it was the fact that one of these kids, like 2 seats over, was what I like to call a “heavy breather.” These are the people who breathe unusually loud even though we were all just sitting there watching a movie, not doing any kind of strenuous physical activity. It resembled a light snoring sound and I was almost certain that this kind of heavy breathing sound couldn’t be possible without also being a “mouth breather”, but I looked down the row on several occasions and yes, the kid was awake, no, his mouth wasn’t open. I was perplexed. And quite annoyed. Aldie evn thought it was coming from somebody’s snoring from like 3 rows down. I was like “Nah, it’s this kid over here…” and he was like “Damn, that must 3 times as annoying for you!” Indeed it was.

But yeah, about the movie. I would say that this is probably my favorite out of the new Star Wars movies. It’s all dark, action packed, and intense n shit. And I guess it kind of wraps things up kind of nicely. As for my question about what Chewbacca was doing in Episode III… I’m still not sure about that one. I mean, yes, there were lots of wookies in the movie, but did one of them have to be Chewbacca? I would say no, that’s stretching it. Oh yeah, and there was this one scene in the movie that I thought was particularly cheesy: it was where Darth Vader had just gotten fixed up into the classic Darth Vader helmet/suit and he gets upset about something and yells out “nooooooo” with the camera looking down on the scene. Watch for it. It was supposed to be dramatic n shit but I found myself busting up in laughter. In fact, I would say that all of the helmeted Darth Vader scenes (of which there were few), made him look like a whining little bitch. I just couldn’t take him seriously… what with the things that he was saying. But I dunno, maybe I can’t really blame him… Natalie Portman is pretty smokin’ hot.

Leaving the show, we saw a long line waiting for the next showing. Apparently, the 6:00 show was the one everyone was going for.

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