Manhattan Christian College

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Google done did it againAll this time, I was certain I was attending Kansas State University. But, apparently not, according to Google Maps, which says that I’ve been going to Manhattan Christian College (saved image). Now I understand that this service is still in beta, but I mean come on, that’s a pretty big mistake. Other than that, it looks like a pretty bad ass map service… looks like they be trying to stamp out Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, and similar.

In other news, I guess my fan/heatsink has arrived. The FedEx people missed me so I’m going to pick it up later on today. It’s going to be a grand ol time, taking everything out of my computer so I can take out the motherboard for such a trivial installation. Ah well, we’ll see how that goes.

Pepsi/iTunes Promotion

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1 in 3 chances of getting a specially marked bottle!The other day after geology, we went down to Subway for their crazy $2.99 footlong sandwiches, like we do every week. Kent got a bottle of Pepsi (like he does every time), but this time I noticed it was a specially marked bottle, one which was eligible for the Pepsi/iTunes promotion.

Pepsi has had a similar promotion sometime last year. And as I recall it was a raging success. 1 in 3 wins a free song on iTunes. So you buy the Pepsi (or Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, or other select Pepsi products) and if you happen to win, you go and get your free song. Since the song and the Pepsi costs the same amount, you could also look at it like you bought the song, and you just happen to get a free Pepsi too. This time, however, they’ve even sweetened the deal by not only having the same odds of winning the song, you also have a chance of winning an iPod mini. Apple is giving away 1 iPod mini every hour from now til May. Pretty awesome huh?

I watched him take off the cap, take a drink and immediately replace the cap. I guess he didn’t notice. Or didn’t care? When an iPod mini is on the line, you had better care, so I’m just going to have to assume that he didn’t notice. So I was like “so didja win?” from across the table. He was like “wha?” and so I point it out to him and he checked the yellow cap and no he did not win.

Thinking that since Kent had a losing piece, the next Pepsi that was coming out of the machine should have a higher probability of winning… I’ve been in some statistics oriented classes before; I’ve seen some things in my day. Maybe there’s something flawed behind the logic of this thinking, maybe not. But either way, I went up to the machine, looked at my options, and decided to go with a Pepsi. I don’t care much for Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi, or Cherry flavored beverages. And plus, there’s the fact that there’s one less losing piece in that machine.

I pushed the button, some rumbling from within the machine could be heard, and out rolled a bottle of Pepsi. With a blue cap. I pulled it out of the slot and looked closely. It wasn’t even specially marked. The machine had a big sticker on it, outlining the details of the Pepsi/iTunes promotion. I asked Kent about his transaction. Yes, he had used the same machine. Yes, he had pushed the top-most Pepsi button.

“Ah man, what a crock of shit!” I had just been robbed. Same motherfucking machine, same motherfucking button even… even after the confirmed successful dispensing of a specially marked bottle too. Robbed I tells ya.

Later on that day, I decide to go for Subway sandwich #2. I usually don’t do this, because eating Subway once a week is more than enough. But, I was feeling kind of lazy and hungry… a deadly combination that will make people do crazy things. So after I get my sandwich, I found myself face to face with the same Pepsi machine that I had dealt with earlier in the day. “Alright, you piece of shit, I’ll give you one more try.” I stuck my dollar in and pushed the same button… out came out another regular bottle of Pepsi.

I threw my hands up, did the B.G. eyeroll, took my drink and left. I didn’t realize it was 1 in 3 chances of getting a 1 in 3 chance of winning… what are the odds on that?

Fucking Snow

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When I got up this morning, the first thing that I saw as I reached over and put on my glasses was the snow coming down on top of the already snow-piled roof of my neighbor’s house. I was like “shit…” because I knew it. I already knew that it was going to fuck up my whole day. The Engineering Career Fair was today and I was just imagining all the difficulties of walking around on campus in the snow in a suit… the cold, the wetness, the absurdity of it all.

But when it came down to time for me to decide what to do, I finally decided to dress up and take one for the team. The last thing that I tend to put on when getting dressed is my shoes. And for the life of me, I could not find my black shoes. And then it occured to me… I had left them at home in Wichita. So I had to completely change up what I was wearing and head out. I couldn’t even dress up if I wanted to. And not that I really wanted to, but it just irks me that after so much debate, it turns out I didn’t even have a choice.

So I was like “man what am I gonna do?” because I have to give a presentation at 1PM and then walk home through the snow, clear the snow off my car, drive to the mall, pick me up some shoes, go home, change, drive back to school, and then find a parking spot… all to talk to the one or two employers interested in hiring CS students. This whole ordeal, although at the core is really my fault because I forgot my shoes, would have been 1/4 as bad if only it wasn’t snowing. That’s why I’m going to go ahead and blame the shittiness of my day entirely on the snow.

Still bitter with the weather situation, I head out for class and as predicted, it’s cold as fuck outside, all snowing n shit. I muttered to myself, “Good thing I didn’t dress up… fucking snow always coming round, fucking my shit up, damn it.”

So 1PM came around. Just the thought of starting the forementioned sequence of events made me weary. It turns out the professor whom I was supposed to give a presentation to was a no-show, and at that point I think I just decided to not give a fuck about dressing up and going to the Career Fair as is. I mean, I already have a job waiting for me when I graduate… so what does it really matter? This is not to say that I wouldn’t try my best to be super stealth and avoid my employer’s booth at the fair (I’m guessing it probably doesn’t look too good for me to be going around, talking to other companies right in front of them).

Luckily, it turns out they were packing up when I got there so I could wander freely. I was thinking that there might have been others in my situation, due to the snow, but nah… all these engineers there were all dressed up n shit. I have no idea how so many people pulled it off. Well, I humor myself and think that I could have pulled it off too, if not for the shoe situation.

So I did my thing, talked to who I needed to, and pretty much just spent the rest of the time grabbing up free shit from all the booths. I guess foam promotional objects are the craze this time, so lots of booths had these out. Ah man you should have seen it, they had foam cheese wedges, foam stop lights, foam shopping carts, etc. My motto for the day was “If it’s foam… it’s coming home.”

Now I have a backpack full of useless foam promotional toys, a water bottle, some pens, and several t-shirts. I suppose that makes it all worth it.

And so I come home, all relieved n shit that I wasn’t going to live out that nightmare that I had originally planned. But then I hear this chirping right? It turns out that there is a bird chilling in the housing around the dirty window on the ceiling near the stairs. At first I’m thinking “oh it’s only in there because it’s snowing outside… s’cold as fuck outside.” But then as the chirping continued, I started to wonder if maybe it was stuck in there… it was bouncing around in there, flapping its wings like it was trying to fly somewhere but couldn’t.

I couldn’t take the flapping and chirping anymore so I decided to do something. Besides, the thought of the bird in there all night scared me. Not because I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but the bird might die and smell up the joint and I would have to pull some dead bird out of there… Yeah anyways, the window in question can be accessed in two ways… you can open the window from the inside or you can crawl up onto the roof from the deck. Because the prospect of a bird getting loose inside and flying around in my house did not thrill me, I decided to try to free it from the outside. I would much rather go the dead bird route before I let some wild bird fly around in my house. Unfortunately, there was all this snow all up on the roof, so I couldn’t climb it because it was so slippery. But I tried. And failed. Well… I guess we’re going with the dead bird plan after all.

Fucking snow, always coming round, fucking my shit up…

The Donut Experiment

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I found this post as an unpublished draft on Blogger. I wrote it way back on November 21, 2004. I thought it was a real gem so I couldn’t just delete it:

I like a good Krispy Kreme donutThe last thing that anybody would want to do on a Saturday night is be working on a school project. But yes, this is what I was doing with my software engineering team in the depths of Nichols hall tonight, working on that damn robot. I think we actually got quite a bit done today, though. We ran into a lot of problems all night, but still a lot was accomplished and there is hope for being able to have some December deliverables. I won’t go into the details of the robot because just thinking about the robot makes me uneasy.

So anyways, we’re working, when Sam rolls into the lab, because he was supposed to meet his team down in the robot room too, but he rolled in an hour or so late because he had overslept. But anyways, when he walked in, he was eating a donut. It was like 10PM when he came in, so it was pretty odd… where are you going to get a donut at 10PM on a Saturday night? Well… I’m sure there’s plenty of places, but you know, it was just unexpected n shit. So upon questioning, he let slip that he had gotten the donut from a box sitting outside of the building. Outside of the building, sitting on top of a trash can. So of course, we all laughed and made fun. But deep down inside, we were all jealous and wanted donuts too.

About a half an hour later, I was hungry as fuck (I hadn’t eaten anything since like noon) but I hadn’t said anything to anyone. Sam was like “hey I’m going to see if those donuts are still there.” We were in the middle of working on the project but yeah we all needed an excuse to get away from that robot… so we ran up the stairs and lo and behold, there they were… two boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts atop of the trash can. I don’t mean to say that it was sitting on top of trash, in the trash can. It was on top of one of those wooden things that go on top of a trashcan, to make it look like it’s not just a large trashcan sitting out near the sidewalk. So it wasn’t technically trash, yet. Maybe.

One of the boxes was open and there was about 3 donuts left. The other one was closed and completely full. So we grabbed the closed box and hurried back inside. Who knows, it could’ve all been one elaborate trap/experiment set up by the psychology department to document the behavior of computer scientists. Caught us all on tape n shit. But I dunno, I didn’t really care, I was starving, they were delicious.

You’re laughing and making fun but you’re just jealous. You just want a donut, too.

That Bitch Was Crazy

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Oh man. So I was walking home after classes today, right? I had just taken a 541 exam so all I really wanted to do was get home and relax. Almost as soon as I got like maybe a block down Thurston, I see this girl crying hysterically, coming down the front steps of a house, coming towards me. At this point, I had my iPod out and I was unwinding the cables, getting ready for music on the walk home. This girl, she looks like she really lost it… she must’ve been crying pretty hardcore, she had snot bubbles and a disgusting wad of tissue paper in one hand. I see her and I’m thinking “alright, that looks about right…” and put in my earbuds (Basement Jaxx’s “Red Alert” was playing) as I walk up to this girl, who was standing next to the sidewalk, waiting for me to get to where she was.

Through sniffles, sobs, and gross spit bubbles, this girl asks me this: “do you have fifteen dollars?”

I lie, “umm… no, I didn’t bring my wallet out, sorry” and continue walking. I could feel my wallet in my back pocket.

But she starts walking next to me, she’s like “where do you live?”

I point lazily in the general direction and say “down that way, pretty far.” It was partially true… I don’t really live as close to campus as I’d like to, but it’s like a 12 minute walk. I walk it every other day.

“Does your house have fifteen dollars in it?”

“What do you need fifteen dollars for?” I took off my earbuds.

“Groceries…” She’s starts mumbling about how somebody didn’t leave her the money or something but I didn’t really catch it all.

So I put my earbuds back in and start walking. I ask her “so was that your house back there?”

“I think so..”

“You think so?” I’m thinking wtf because this girl doesn’t look homeless or anything; she had a crazy look in her eyes, but other than that she looked like a normal college student. She follows me still.

After another block, I thought to myself that the distance to my house did not intimidate her. This crazy girl was going to follow me all the way home. And I normally don’t try to do things that lead to crazy girls finding out where I live. So I stop, take off the earbuds again and start: “OK, listen… I don’t know what your situation is… but I don’t have fifteen dollars to spare.”

I was expecting her to argue and try to persuade me, but instead she just stops in her tracks. Her hands tighten and she throws her arms up, screams out “WHAAT!?” Needless to say, I was completely taken off guard. I was actually scared for my life. Who knows what psycho-girl is capable of? There wasn’t anybody around to see/hear what just happened. She immediately resumes crying and veers off up the steps of the next house that we pass by. I glance back and keep walking towards my house. All I could think to myself was “man, that bitch is crazy.” I said this aloud to myself several times as I quickened my pace. I did not want her finding out where I lived. I cross the street and take a quick look back. She was walking on the sidewalk again and she saw me walking on the opposite side of the street.

I wanted to keep heading home, but I needed to be able to hear her footsteps if she were to do something crazy like run up on me and shank me or something. So I put away my iPod and tried to concentrate on the sounds around me and think of a way to get home stealthily. I determined that the only thing for me to do is to get so far down the street that she won’t possibly know which house I lived in. I break into a half-run down the street and I am glad to report that my plan was a raging success. I looked outside my window and saw no signs of her. Brilliant.

“Man, that bitch was crazy,” I said to myself again, through the blinds.

I kind of felt bad about not helping her out, but if she hadn’t been so freakin crazy I might have, who knows.

The 5-Minute Rule

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In all my years of schooling, I have not been able to enforce the notorious “5-minute rule”, not once. It used to be the “5-minute rule” back in high school, but no teachers were ever more than 5 minutes late to class. And even if they were, did anybody actually get up and leave because the teacher hadn’t showed up in the first couple of minutes of class? Probably not. It was illegal n shit. It’s now the “10-minute rule” and believe me, college professors have been more than 10 minutes late before. Even in the relatively lax attendance policy environment of college, not many are so bold as to leave after waiting 10 minutes. My guess for why this happens, is because when you’re paying good money for a college education, leaving class due to a tardy professor is probably only disadvantageous to the student.

Starting Semesters with Horrible Timing

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So we have Monday off as a holiday for MLK Jr. Day. I am not complaining about the extra day off, but it seems as though this is not the first time that K-State has pulled this sorta shit where they’ll start classes in the middle of some week, only to quickly follow up with a one day holiday such not unlike the one on Monday. Why not just start after the holiday? Were those 3 days of hell getting on campus with the icy streets/sidewalks really necessary? I don’t think so. Or at least I certainly hope that my education does not hinge on the fact that I attended classes on these days. Because I did… and they were bullshit.

Back To School

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So it’s about go-time for the first class of the semester and it’s slick as fuck outside from the ice. I’m still debating whether to drive or not because while I hate walking on ice, I also hate driving on ice… Yeah, but even more than these two things, I hate the fact that class is actually in session. So about H,K… I’ve started writing, but it’s going rather slow and there’s a lot of material to go through. Well gots to go. I hate it there, I hate it there.

Current Status

January 12, 2005 at 5:21 PM | KSU, Site/Personal | No Comments

Back in Manhattan, after hitting up the Pho Hien II. Fucking school, I hate it.

The Nightmare Before Christmas ’04

December 14, 2004 at 1:59 AM | KSU | No Comments

and the award goes to...Continuing the tradition of dubbing the worst final before winter break “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, as I did last year with the OS final, I have now made my decision for 2004′s pick. It’s official. 2004′s Nightmare Before Christmas final is the CIS 575 final. It really wasn’t too hard of a choice… I only have 2 finals this semester, one of which requires a 35% to maintain an A. That’s not to say that these exams won’t be difficult, because I’m sure they will be. It’s just that I have to do so much better on one of them that I have to exert a much greater amount of effort for its preparation. So, really, it’s 575 by default. Anyways, it’s a shame that I started this whole “tradition” so late, because it’s only going to end up being a two-year tradition. That is, of course, if I don’t graduate in May ’05. At which point, the whole semester will be known as “The Nightmare Before Christmas” regardless of its chronological relation with the holidays.

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