A Christian Establishment, No More

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Almost 2 years ago, I wrote about Google Maps showing K-State as Manhattan Christian College. I just checked again and it appears that they’ve since fixed the problem. When did this happen? Who knows. I guess Google Maps was still beta back then, so they probably figured that they could just throw any labels they pleased on their maps without taking responsibility or facing any kind of repercussions. And they were right.

I’m glad that I saved an image of it, because otherwise nobody would have believed me.

Parking Permits!

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In a daring move that nobody saw coming, security issued out about 100 on-campus parking permits to new hires and I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky 100. I’ve seen “the list.” I was actually slated to get mine sometime ridiculous like April of 2006. Every time I saw that blasted list, I would freak out and protest loudly about the parking situation: “I don’t even know what the deeeeeal is… the parking lot’s half empty for god’s sake.” But then I’d look at the end of the list and see that there are people on the list expecting their permit sometime in 2007. 2007!! I didn’t feel so bad for myself after all and continued on about my business.

Call me crazy, but you know you’re moving on up when they let you park at the place that you work at… legally. I’ve been doing that shit guerrilla style for months now… parking as inconspicuously as possible in the back section where I thought it was safe…

I actually got a ticket two weeks ago and was going to vent on here about it but I discovered that my post ended up drawing a lot of comparisons between security and the parking nazis at K-State, which are by far much worse. It really didn’t help my case, so I trashed it. I actually don’t mind the security crew… they’ve helped me and some of my friends out of jams before. Quite helpful indeed. But I guess the tickets are part of the job too and you gotta play the bad cop sometime. K-State Parking Services on the other hand, I have nothing good to say about.

That Weekend

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Well, here is that post about a weekend already long gone (May 5-7). I really should have gotten this one out much sooner, but I’ve just been distracted with things like finals, graduation, going to concerts, drinking myself silly, moving, and most importantly not having a reliable internet connection to work with. I may have already told a lot of you these stories, but dammit you’re just gonna have to hear them again.

So anyways… I’d like to start off with Thursday night, which is really when this series of tales begins. It was Cinco de Mayo so the bars were pretty packed, people going nuts everywhere. It was an alright time… the whole time I was wondering why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo here. It’s almost as big of a sham as St. Patrick’s Day, another worthless holiday in my opinion. Just thinking about it pisses me off. I can’t really go into the exact details of the night, but I can tell you that I lied about my name to these people that we were hanging out with. I had so many aliases that night: Corey, Adam, Jonathan… I really can’t picture myself as any of those names, but then again if you know me, why would you? Afterwards, I drove out to Wal-mart and bought some of those delicious 99 cent spicy beef and bean chimichangas. I think I also bought something else too, but I was too drunk to remember. Anyways, I was back home, eating this chimichanga downstairs on the poker table, when Jeff comes home and tells me that he was planning on throwing a party this weekend. I was like “alright” and continued eating. There wasn’t a whole lot of notice. I’m not sure if Pat’s or Lawson’s absence could have been circumvented, had I known about Jeff’s intentions earlier in the week.

I had a 541 presentation to give at 10:30 Friday morning. It was a miracle that I made it to that thing. It was pretty easy as usual, and at long last, we were finally done with that damn project. Just the 541 final exam and I’ll be officially done with school. Well… I guess, there is that GEOL125 “final” too, but I calculated that I could miss about 16 problems out of 48 and still keep an A. So yeah, I’m not too worried about. I spent the better part of the day before that final re-playing Resident Evil 4, because I want that infinite ammo rocket launcher! That and eating. I bought a chicken and made some stuffing, ate some potato salad. Had a grapefruit… I might have busted out a can of corn, too, I don’t remember. As a side note, I am really starting to like canned corn. Like… it is starting to surpass canned green beans… something that I thought would never, ever happen.

OK, let me get back to the weekend.

So Friday night rolls around. Um… it was another night faded away into the drunken haze. But this time, we hung out with this girl that Aldie knows, named Jessie. She’s pretty cool, so I didn’t lie to her. Also, for some reason, I felt like I had already met her once before. But you know sometimes when you meet certain people in certain situations, you never really expect to see them ever again. Going into a meeting with this kind of mindset does not permit one to easily retain these people into long term memory. But this time, I had a feeling that I would remember this girl, at least for the night. We went around to 3 bars, and I had been in loose contact w/Sut-loc the entire time, but finding a central location to meet in Aggieville was something that was not accomplished that night, unfortunately.

It was around this time that I came up with this grand plan to spend the days all the way up to the Geology final in one long continuous drunken haze. It would be brilliant.

So finally Saturday comes around. I had every intention of pitching in some money to help Jeff get the (3) kegs, but I simply had no cash on me. None. So I’m sitting around, just kind of hanging out. The time went by so quickly… I was working on putting together a mix CD, when 9 o’clock snuck up on me. Where did the time go??

I threw on some clothes and as I went to put on my belt, the thing breaks. The buckle snaps clean off. I was pretty fucking shocked. And saddened. Because now I was going to have to resort to my old belt, which I was never really too fond of. Oh well, it gets the job done. I thought it ironic that just a few days ago, I had posted about my belt. Maybe it wasn’t even ironic… maybe it was just peculiar. I’m not really sure if I have a firm grasp of the concept of irony or not.

I went out to Wendy’s to get some food. I’ve been digging the spicy chicken sandwich and small chili lately. And everytime, they ask me if I want to make it a combo. No, I don’t want it as a combo. There’s a reason why I didn’t get the combo. OK, so yeah I bring this food back and try to eat it in the red light from the Christmas lights. It was difficult, I’ll tell you that right now. But, I got ‘er done. How could you not, when the food is so good?

I even called up my cousin at KU to come over. It was a good deal because I’d never drank him before. Not really. I mean, there was this one time where we were drinking and he was passed out on the floor and I was sitting there watching TV, only mildly involved in drinking games with his college freshman friends. They play their drinking games with an entirely different set of rules! Although I must admit, it was rather amusing to witness/re-live the days of underage drinking once again. Things were so much more exciting back then. There was a certain thrill to it all. Those were the good ‘ol days. But don’t get me wrong–thank God I’m 21 now.

Speaking of underage drinking, here’s a little episode that happened at the party: it’s not even that late into the night yet and the place is starting to fill up with people. A lot of people were hanging around outside so I would occasionally go outside to see what was going on, mingle with the people. So one of the times that I stepped outside, I looked around and saw Barry talking to Sam (not my roommate) outside. Sam has this big ass jug of red wine with him; you couldn’t miss it. I headed out there to see what was crackalacking. They seen my shirt, and naturally the conversation shifts to Radiohead. Radiohead and then Pink Floyd for a while, and then back to Radiohead. I don’t know the first thing about Pink Floyd (I know like 2 of their songs) so I was glad to be done with Pink Floyd and I kept interjecting little comments in hopes of swaying the conversation away from Pink Floyd. And then… all of a sudden, a bright light flashes on Sam’s face, originating from somewhere behind Barry and I. A female police officer emerged from the direct flashlight beam.

She grabs a hold of Barry’s drink and takes my beer. “How old is everybody here?”

“22,” said Barry.


We all kind of looked at Sam, expecting his answer, but he didn’t say anything… he just brought his cigarette up to his lips and took a drag. Nobody had to spell it out, we all knew what was about to happen.

The cop spelled it out anyway: “Uh oh… somebody not 21?” The flashlight remained on Sam’s face.

“I’m 18,” he confessed.

I was shocked. Even if I had known that he was underage, I would have thought that he was at least 20. But 18? Ah yes… those were the good ‘ol days.

The cop saw the enormous jug of red wine and laughed. “What is that?” she asks while leaning in to confiscate the alcohol. At this point, I am feeling pretty comfortable because I know that the heat was going to be on Sam and not myself. I mean, I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but you know cops, they can bust you for distribution to minors or having an open container, even when you are on private property. The fuckers.

This police officer, the one who took Sam away for what I assumed was going to be either an MIC or an MIP… well, she was pretty hot. I didn’t want to say anything though. There was enough heat on the situation already, I didn’t want to fuel the situation any further. Also, I might not have said anything even if she wasn’t busting up the party and taking away people that I know–the only line I got is “heeey.” No game whatsoever.

Everybody on the front lawn had moved inside of the house when word got out that the police were there. And then, naturally, the flow of people went towards the back yard.

I couldn’t help but feel somewhat responsible for what had just happened, even though I really didn’t cause it. I went out back to check things out. There were these guys climbing the deck and fence to try to move a large amount of random tree branches to burn. I saw this go down but I didn’t even want to know where they got those branches. Barry was on the deck yelling n shit over the rail. The light was right behind him so you couldn’t really see who he was. But if you knew Barry or if you’ve even just heard Barry, you would have instantly known who was up there. Our deck isn’t really the safest thing to be on, especially for a person of Barry’s size. So I went up there to convince him to come down, like one of those cops talking a jumper out of commiting suicide. I was unsuccessful. Had Barry really been a jumper, he would’ve died and the blood would have been on my hands.

While I was on the roof, I saw some kids sitting on the roof; one of them was pissing off of one of the edges onto the neighbor’s alley. I didn’t want to see that kind of shit going on. I yelled at those kids and made them come down and then promptly instructed them to “get the fuck off my goddamn deck.”

Off in the distance, I saw Sam coming back up to the house, slouching. Getting an MIC is a huge downer, I’m sure, but he tried to play it off like he didn’t really care. I could tell that he was upset. Staying at the party probably wasn’t going to help.

The party progressed until late into the night. When things started to wind down, I went upstairs to see why my light was on. Aldie was sitting on the couch, with my bag of Doritos in hand. There were chips all over the floor. I swear to God I was finding chips in weird places all the way up until the day that I moved out of that house. Also, he had busted open this large package of individually wrapped instant black sesame drink mixes and I found those packets everywhere too. I really have no idea how the hell he did all this or why in God’s name would he do something like this.

But yeah, Sam’s run-in with the police, the people treating our house like a goddamned hotel, and now this… everything had been pretty upsetting the entire night. I snapped and blew up on Aldie, yelling n shit, getting violent. I was angry to the point that I was seriously ready to kill the motherfucker for what he’d done, despite our friendship. It was actually the combination of my anger, being really drunk, and the upsetting events of the night, that I screamed out some shit that I didn’t really mean… things like “I’LL KILLLL YOOOU, YOU MOTHERFUCKERR!!!” I can’t think of the last time that I had ever been so pissed off by something or someone.

Sabrina had been in Sam’s (my roommate Sam) room, because he needed help finding his way back to his bed to pass out. She came out and asked me to calm down and asked me what was the problem.

“THIS MOTHERFUCKER RIGHT HERE FUCKING ATE ALL OF MY GODDAMN DORITOS!!!” Yes, I know. On paper, the whole incident sounds pretty fucking silly. I can’t even tell someone about this part of the story without providing enough background details to justify my behavior that night. And even then, it still sounds like I’m crazy because there’s no way that I could provide a sufficient amount of background to make the incident not totally taken out of context. But I can try:

You see, this isn’t the first time that he’s done this kind of thing. On no less than 2 separate occasions prior to this one, Aldie had invaded my room, ate all of my Doritos and gotten away with a clean break. But this time, he’d crossed the line. The next day, like I said, I was finding chips all over the floor. I guess he had even tracked in a bunch of dirt and all these weird sphere looking seeds/spores that were all over the floor as well. And! And he had drank some of the pickle juice from my jar of pickles in the mini fridge. I know this because the lid was open and I know Aldie loves taking swigs of pickle juice, vinegar, and the likes. It was one thing to trash the house, I don’t give a fuck about the house, but to come up into my room and fuck with my shit, that was uncalled for.

Aldie left and I remained bitter for the remainder of the night, muttering under my breath and cursing about Doritos. Just writing this post brings back those same feelings and is one of the reasons why this particular post has taken me so long to finish. That and the fact that it’s long as fuck, too.

Anyways, I guess later on, I was wandering around yet again and on one of my rounds, I came across Jeff, who reported that we had just received a ticket for noise violation. I was like “WHAT!?” because the whole thing was ridiculous… at that point in the night, we probably had about 20 people left at the party. How could we have possibly received a noise complaint? And even if someone actually called in a noise complaint, shouldn’t we get a warning first? What gives?

It turns out someone did call the cops on us. And so I guess they had “no choice” but to give us a ticket? And the bitch was like $90! Whatever. I guess we would just split up the cost of the ticket amongst us 4.

Now, 90 doesn’t really divide by 4 too evenly, in case you didn’t notice. But it was something that had to be done and I was willing to live with it.

A solution arose the following Monday night. I was getting ready to head out to get some Gumby’s with Tony and Christy, when someone started knocking at the door. I went to answer it and there was this girl with glasses standing outside. She was our neighbor. She explained to us that on the night of the party, some guys came by her place and asked if they could borrow her pool (one of those plastic kiddy pools that you set out in your yard, fill up with your garden hose). She said “no,” so they left. But apparently, later on they must’ve come and taken it away regardless of what she had to say about it, because it was gone now. I was highly amused by this story but I failed to see how I was related to the whole ordeal. I was like “I don’t think we have your pool… I guess I can check and if it’s out back I’ll get it back to you…” I went and checked but did not find a pool in the backyard, which I was sure would be where a bunch of drunkards would leave a kiddy pool. I asked Tony if he knew anything about the pool. He did not. I apologized to the girl and told her that no, we didn’t have her pool and good luck on finding it. This wasn’t good enough for her. She held us personally responsible for what happened.

So yeah, you remember how I mentioned Barry was on the deck? Well, I guess he came down later on his own accord. I guess nobody fell off the deck or roof. But I mean, if someone would have fallen off, would we have been responsible for that shit? Fuck no! Or at least, I sure hope not. But the pool? I KNOW that we weren’t responsible for that shit, no way.

Her ultimatum went like this: “Either put a check for $10 in our mailbox by next week or we’ll call the police.”

I was like “Uh… OK, I guess I’ll discuss it with my roommates. Seeya.”

We talked it over and I guess we just decided to cut her a $10 check, even though none of us thought we should have. I would have been way more against this course of action, but it made an even $100. Well, it turns out, Jeff never wrote her the check so I guess that girl never called the cops. It also means that Jeff has some of our money, too. That punk.

Oh yeah. Sunday night, I got the full story on the noise violation incident. Apparently, the complaint was about someone yelling upstairs. I’m pretty sure that narrows it down to me. But who knows for sure?

The Busy Day

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You will not believe what happened to me on Thursday, even if I tell you. OK, OK, fine, I’ll tell you. I was coming home from Sutton’s place and as I walk up the steps up to my front porch, I don’t know what happened, but I kind of tripped and out spilled like 6 bottles of beer from my case, which instantly shattered on the front steps. It was like 2:30 in the morning and there wasn’t anyone around who saw that shit go down, but I was still pretty upset about the whole situation. There was all this broken glass and beer flowing down the steps. It’s enough to make some people break down and cry.

The only light that I had to work with was this green light coming from the porch light. Apparently, Jeff had stolen this green outdoors lightbulb (you know those big ones that will fit into ordinary sockets but usually won’t fit because the bulb itself is so big?) and put it into our porch light.

I had asked him earlier that same day “Hey, where’d you get that light bulb?”

“I stole it from some house.”

“Was it their porch light?”


I was like “Well, don’t you think it’s gonna look a little suspicious that all of a sudden our house has a green light on our porch?”

“It happens. We used to steal the porch light from these girls that lived across the street back at the other house, and they’d come and steal it back.”


So, there I was, trying to pick up these shards of broken glass in this crazy green (stolen) light that is probably not the best colored light to be doing something dangerous like picking up broken glass in. And it was kind of sprinkling, too. It made the whole thing that much more dramatic. I was pretty sure that I got all of it.

Friday was pretty busy. It all started off with a presentation of our CIS690 project to these people on some CIS advisory board at around 2:30. One of the first things that I noticed on my way out of the house to give this presentation was the broken glass on the steps. Sure, I had thought that I’d cleaned it all up, but I was mistaken. But I guess, I did pretty well for trying to do in the rain, in the darkness of night, with only the illumination from that green porch light. I found a stick in the yard and kind of pushed the remaining pieces to the side of the steps. “I’ll clean that up later.”

The presentation went pretty well. Then the CIS department threw a graduation reception for the graduating class in the Nichols Hall atrium, where we ate all this awesome food. Like, they had these spicy chicken tender things that were fucking delicious. I’d never felt so good to be in the CIS department. We had the forementioned chicken, fruit platters, cheese/cracker platters, wraps, cookies, and some sort of soda/ice cream float drink… I’m not really sure what it was. But yeah, I ate till I could eat no more. So that went down until about 5 when Zack, Sam, and I headed over to the Union for some funnelcake.

Yes, funnelcake. You see, UPC had this big event going down called Springfest, where they brought in a bunch of bands to play, a giant inflatable slide, sand art, airbrush tattoos, free massages, a funnelcake stand, drawings for prizes, t-shirts, an outdoor showing of National Treasure, and free beverages. The beverages were, however, Pepsi Edge or canned Tropicana pink lemonade. Now, I like pink lemonade as much as the next person, but what was the deal with the Pepsi Edge? Nah, it’s not for me.

Oh yeah, so about the funnelcake situation. We’d read that the first 250 were going to be free, so we figure it’d be a fantastic dessert for the food at the CIS graduation reception. We rolled around the corner and my god, there was a huge line of people waiting for funnelcake. It’d been at least 4 or 5 years since I’ve had funnelcake (which I suddenly thought to be highly irregular, given the events in my life in these past 4 or 5 years). There was probably already 250 people in line, and even if there wasn’t, we weren’t going to stick around to wait for the 248th, 249th, and 250th funnelcake.

Inside, we went past this display outside of the union’s computer store, where they were having a Tiger release party, with pizza. I really didn’t care about the free pizza… because I’d just had all that food, I don’t think I could’ve eaten a slice (free funnelcake on the other hand, I would’ve eaten, even if it would’ve killed me). No, what I was really interested in was seeing the Mac OS X Tiger demonstration, just to see what the hubbub was all about. But as soon as I get over there, they throw this sheet over the computer and I’m like “wha?”, but then realize that they were counting the thing down and they were gonna show it in 30 minutes. Man, I can’t be expected to wait for 30 minutes. I got shit to do.

And that shit that we gotta do is walk around aimlessly in the union, fucking with little kids with laser pens, drinking free lemonade, and checking out the bands playing.

There was this ACM meeting at 6 and then an all-night LAN party starting at 7:30. Both of these activities were going down in Nichols. I didn’t really feel like sticking around for the ACM meeting, but that LAN party sounded like a good time. So I went home to get my computer, but the only thing was, Ben Kweller was playing in the Union at about 9:30 so I figured I’d better sit out the LAN party and wait to go after the concert. I figurd the LAN party would be going on well into the wee hours of the morning. On the way out to my car, Sam and I saw a bunch of these people riding down the street on bicycles yelling n shit, all wearing these orange t-shirts. Apparently, it was the “Tour De Apple.” Funny.

I called up Liz and she was apparently a big fan of the band that played before Ben Kweller, called Ruskabank, this local ska band. You may have heard some of their songs on the radio… it’s hot shit. I’d thought that ska was dead, but I guess I was wrong.

So anyways, we head out to the show early. I told her about the funnelcake incident that we’d had earlier and how long it’d been since I’d had one. I guess she was pretty excited to hear about the availability of funnelcakes and settled that we’d split one. Alas, when we got there, they were just closing up shop on the funnelcake stand. That was twice in the same day that damned funnelcake stand had led to disappointment.

On the way, we saw the people walking around and hanging out in the old stadium for some sort of Relay For Life type deal. It was pretty hardcore of them, I guess, because it was pretty cold. Oh yeah, and I saw this guy on a unicycle across the street. I was like “heeeeeey!” and took some pictures of him. Well, I tried anyways… I guess it’s hard to pose on a unicycle or something. So I ended up with a couple of pictures of this guy falling off of a unicycle. But yeah, Liz was saying that she sees the unicycle guy all the time around her apartment. I told her that I’d never seen him before (as if that wasn’t apparent by my actions). I’m fairly certain that I would’ve remembered if I had seen a guy on a unicycle.

So yeah, we try some of that Pepsi Edge and yeah, it’s not very good. We catch like the last 3 or 4 songs of Ruskabank and they’re pretty good. But that Ben Kweller, he plays some really cool music; I’m really glad that I checked out the show.

I head over to the LAN party to check it out and it’s still going pretty strong. I saw a lot of people playing Warcraft, lot of people playing Counter-Strike, some people playing various other FPS’s. At that point, I was pretty tired so I didn’t really feel like going home to get my computer, and set it up. It didn’t look like it was organized enough… like there were too many people playing different games. And there wasn’t as much yelling as I’d thought there would be. You know how LAN games make people yell out profanities. It can’t be helped.

So I hang around for a bit, check out the happenings for an hour or two, and then head out. There was just so much going on in town today, it was pretty crazy. I’ve still got that glass on the front steps to clean up. Tomorrow morning.

Open House

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So Friday and Saturday was K-State Open House. We had our Quake III Dodgeball mod (for CIS690) set up on the first row of computers in Fiedler, so we could have a max of 5 on 5 games. It seemed like it did pretty on Friday. Open House is a 2 day ordeal… I’m not really sure how it works really, but the first night isn’t really as popular–it’s usually more of the setup/test day. I’m not even certain if it’s publicly advertised… Anyways, the College of Engineering cancels classes on the Friday of Open House; maybe it’s only classes after noon, I’m not sure… I don’t have any Friday classes so it didn’t help me in the slightest. I got to bed at like 4:30AM on Friday because I had decided to hang out at Aldie’s, head out to the bars n shit. I had to get up at 8:30AM for setup on Saturday, but I got up like a soldier and did what needed to be done. I found Sam passed out on the couch downstairs on my way out… apparently he’d done something similar. He showed up later at like 11.

One of the last minute changes that we made to the mod was we changed out the texture of the dodgeballs to something that resembled these purple foam CIS department balls that we were giving away to people. Seemed like a nice touch, since the map resembled Ahearn and now the balls resembled these foam balls that kids can take home… details that kept things interesting.

As we found, the mod had some kind of bug that was making Quake crash out pretty hardcore. It was some memory access error that we’d never seen before. I guess we should’ve playtested the thing some more beforehand. Even by the end of Saturday’s Open House hours, it was difficult to figure out what was the cause of the problem, because sometimes it would happen during the death sequence (so we thought it had to do with the teleport code), but sometimes it happened to people floating around in spectate mode… so yeah, who knows.

The CIS department had always set up Open House in Nichols, but it’s so far out from the other buildings that not many people made the venture out to check us out. This year, somehow, we were set up in Fiedler library, amongst the other Engineering displays. Yes, our department is located in Nichols hall. But I’m not sure whether people were aware that by setting up Nichols every year, we were dooming ourselves. Was it pressure from within to stay in Nichols, the building shared by CIS, Theatre, Dance, and other performance arts? Or was it pressure from the College of Engineering, whom I’ve always thought secretly (though not always so secretly) regarded CIS as its bastard child?

The simple change of location made a huge difference. It was busy enough on Saturday that there were times that I didn’t get to play. Kids pouring in the doors n shit… kids love computers.

Er… I should say kids love computer games.

All around Fiedler were a number of other CIS displays, but they didn’t really stand a chance to a 10-computer LAN game, as one might expect. I almost felt bad for some of the people running the other displays. Ain’t nobody running up on them, ain’t nobody checking out their displays. Sad, really. But what can you do.

So all in all, our project (as an Open House display) was a raging success for how incomplete it was, especially on Saturday. I know we still have a number of things to add and fix on it, but for display purposes I thought it was pretty impressive. And it was fun too!

Anyways, we started shutting down around 3 on Saturday. Our particular display was vastly easier to tear down than everybody elses, since we were using the Engineering department’s computers. They were rocking Deep Freeze so all we had to do to clean up was restart all of the computers that we had installed the game on. (It was a double-edged sword, though, because we wouldn’t have needed to come in early to setup if they didn’t use Deep Freeze).

That night, Sam and I attended the Engineering Open House Awards Banquet. Steel Ring members go around during Open House hours, and observe and judge all of the displays. It’s usually ARCHE that wins all the awards. Those tickets to get in were $9 a piece for a student ticket. I’m not sure how much the other kinds of tickets were, but I would have to imagine that they were more. I had gone with Sam the year before too, and I remembered what a fucking sham this banquet was. I distinctly remembered that the chicken that they served was dry as fuck. My god, you’d have to fuck up pretty bad to dry chicken out like these people did. But it’s not like I paid for it, so whatever. I hoped and hoped that this year, they didn’t serve chicken, because they don’t know how it’s done.

Anyways, this was where I got an award for best CIS display last year, for a Java Battleship game (that I worked on with 2 other people in CIS525) that I’d set up a display for, complete with posters, a kickass setup, and an improved version just for Open House. Thinking back on it, the game itself sucked because the game Battleship sucks. It gets so old, so fast. You find it interesting for a little while, purely out of nostalgia, but it quickly fades as you realize why you quit playing that monotonous game years ago. But I guess if Steel Ring thought it was the best display amongst the CIS displays then so be it. That’s not saying a whole lot, though.

The banquet itself is held upstairs in the Union ballroom, where a lot of these types of catered events take place. I used to go to a lot more of these things back before I actually attended K-State. We got there and we were a little early so we had to wait around in the lobby full of snooty engineers and alumni. If there’s anything that I despise more than engineers or alumni, it’s Engineer alumni, for obvious reasons. They had a cash bar going, with like $3.75 for a domestic and more for glasses of wine n shit. They know how to make a buck, I’ll give them that. There really wasn’t anybody there that we cared to talk to, but we found some other CS students, so that was a relief. These sorts of events are designed to be networking opportunities, but not so much for disgruntled CS students. We didn’t give a fuck… it’s not like we would want to network with these engineers anyway.

So when it got to 6PM, we got in line to get in. At the entrance, somebody took tickets and the line split 6 ways into equivalent food lines. The room was pretty full by the time that we made it to the food so I was afraid that we would be forced to split up and talk to some of these people. The food consisted of a salad, mixed fruit, potatoes and gravy, vegetable medley, chocolate cake/apple pie, cinnamon roll, and (not suprisingly) dry ass motherfucking grilled chicken… on a lovely rice pilaf.

Luckily, Michael had miraculously secured ourselves a table. Probably the best table in the house. We were right there next to the exit AND we had a fabulous view of the brass band (plus 1 guy on a banjo) on stage. So we sat down, started eating, having a grand ol’ time. On my way to our table, I’d seen Liz, who was already sitting down. I acknowledged her with a point, smile, and an eyebrow raise (all that because I cannot wink, for the life of me…). I don’t mind her being an engineer at all, because I know her and I can’t stereotype an engineer once I get to know them. She came over and we talked for a little bit–things were a little awkward because of the party last weekend, but I think things are OK now?

So we ate and watched the band, who played these songs in a style from the 20′s (or 40′s?) that for some reason reminded me a great deal of LucasArts’ Monkey Island series. It was fantastic and the food (except for that blasted chicken) was good. In what I thought to be a rather bold (maybe even defiant) move, like 5 of us from the table got up to get seconds… nobody else had done so, and especially not in a swarm like we did. We filed back through the room of round tables seated by elegantly dressed people, with our plates of food back to the table and resumed.

And as if that wasn’t enough, as soon as they got done acknowledging the Steel Ring members in the room, we ducked out of the exit. The whole table. I’m sure people saw us n shit, but I had thought this through. I thought that it would better to leave all at once (despite the attention that it would bring us) rather than to insult everyone’s intelligence by leaving one at a time with false excuses and cheap parlor tricks. At first, I was like, “OK, you call my phone, and then I’ll get up out of the room to quote-unquote take the call… and then shortly after I’ll call one of you and you can leave, and so on and so on…” But yeah, I think that would’ve gotten more negative attention.

So at least we minimized the attention on us by leaving during a moment when everybody was distracted, applauding standing members of Steel Ring. But undoubtedly, some people must have seen our table leave. And of course, some of them must have known that our table consistedly mostly of CS majors. So… of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if our lack of respect for engineers will probably get CS shunned from similar events in the future. But we only did it because the College of Engineering treats us like its bastard child. It’s the classic vicious circle. Classic vicious circle of mutual disrespect.

We walked out to the front of the Union, laughing, high-fiving each other… all in all a great sense of accomplishment. Made some cracks at the engineers for a bit before finally disbanding. The sun was still up. We were in the banquet for approximately 1 hour–just enough time to eat and roll. And man, I was so full. Not Thanksgiving full, but pretty dang full.

Voicemail Messages

March 19, 2005 at 1:04 AM | KSU, Random, Site/Personal | No Comments

For the longest time, my voicemail message used to go “Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week,” followed immediately by the beep. But after taking ENGL516, I’ve given some thought about changing it. And I did. I changed it to something so disgustingly professional that one could hear the sarcasm dripping off of the words. It took me like 6 or 7 tries at least to get it right, say it all serious like n shit. But then when I managed to lose my phone in Japan I had to re-record my “professional” voicemail message. It’s not as good as the first one. I recorded it at lunch one day, when I realized I wasn’t getting my messages.

Graduation Fee

March 17, 2005 at 4:18 PM | KSU | No Comments

Apparently, 4 years of tuition isn’t enough to cover graduation. Yeah. There’s a “graduation fee” of $15. I suppose they figure I’ve come this far, why not rip me one more time while they still have a chance… it’s not like I’m not gonna pay. And that’s what they’re counting on. Bastards.

How I Came To Rediscover Mounds

March 8, 2005 at 9:19 PM | Food, KSU | 1 Comment

I found out something about myself the other day. I was at school, in between classes, eating at the Union. On my way out, I passed by the tables in the Union set up by SGA candidates. Now, as far as voting goes in the university setting, I’m about as apathetic as I am with the presidential election. However… there was this table that had a bowl of candy bars and shirts out. I didn’t care much for the shirt or the SGA candidate, but the candy bar, I didn’t mind. These candybars had a promotional sticker on them with the candidates slogan on it, but that’s not important. The important thing is this: the candy bar (“fun size”) was an Almond Joy. It’d been so long since I’ve had me an Almond Joy. It was fucking delicious. I loved every second of it. In this fashion, I found out that I am a huge fan of the chocolate with the coconut. Killer combination. But being a fun size candybar (what’s so fun about a little ass half a biteful candybar?), it ran out as quickly as it arrived.

I was informed that Almond Joy’s alter ego, Mounds, was made from dark chocolate. And minus the almond. I like the idea of a good dark chocolate. Yes I do. So, I can only imagine if I liked this Almond Joy so much, that Mounds must be phenomenal. Don’t worry, a big bag of it is already on my next shopping list.

All Natural

March 1, 2005 at 12:51 AM | KSU, Random, Site/Personal | No Comments

I tell you, I just don’t know what’s been up lately. I feel like I’m always forgetting things recently. A while back, it was the weekly geology quiz. Then I forgot about/overslept a CIS541 lab today. And earlier today, I realized that I had forgotten to submit grades for my 541 team (that I’m supposed to do every Friday). And you would not believe the amount of stuff that I had intentions of posting on here, but somehow let it slip through the cracks because I forgot about it. And it’s a shock to me everytime too. I’m just going about my business, doing what I do, when all of a sudden it’ll dawn on me that there was something that I was supposed to be doing or have done some time ago. It’s not a cool feeling, I’ll tell you that right now. It’s not that I want to be this flaky about things… and I’m usually not, but a whole series of these events have been happening recently and I’m starting to become a little concerned.

Maybe I need to start taking some of those supplements n shit. You know, the ones that are supposed to help your memory. And are all-natural. Yeah, whatever those are called. I forget. And if they come in pill form, I could swallow them without the aid of water, taking advantage of my newfound skills.

You know it always, always amazes me when I hear of things like that being all-natural. Because it’s like “whoa, there was this wild product found in nature, right under our noses, all along… but we just didn’t know to look for it. But now we do, and here it is.” So I find myself amazed at the notion of this discovery. But I know I shouldn’t be, because what defines “all-natural” anyways? From nature? What’s not from nature, I guess is the real question here. You think those chemicals that scientists brew up in labs, you think that just came from nothing? Nah, they concocted that shit from extractions here and there from things found in nature, if you look far back enough. At what point does something cease to be from nature? I dunno.

Of Geology, Hunger, and Napoleon Dynamite

February 25, 2005 at 12:09 PM | Food, KSU, Movies | No Comments

"This one tastes like the cow got into an onion patch"I have it. Undeniable proof that there is indeed a correlation between the subject of Geology and hunger! I thought I was onto something two years ago when I was taking GEOL100 – Earth In Action. It was an early class at 9:30 AM, not unlike the geology class that I am currently taking: GEOL125 – Natural Disasters. Back then, I used to get sooo hungry during GEOL100. Like, not just your average “boy I wish I had a snack” hungry; this was all out stomache-wrenching, tummy-growling “I’m about to pass out from not eating anything in weeeeeks” hungry. I never understood it. At first, I thought it was just a fluke. Perhaps I had eaten a small dinner the night before? But it happened every single class period. It started getting out of hand. I had to eat some sort of breakfast item before class just so that my stomache wouldn’t make sounds. I certainly couldn’t eat in class… it’s not a terribly large lecture hall and the stadium style seating gives the professor a perfect view of the entire room. I thought it might have been how boring the class was that was getting to me. But I’ve been in far more boring classes than GEOL100 and they never affected my metabolism like this. The most peculiar thing about it was this: on days that I didn’t have the class, I would not feel the same kind of hunger. And this includes times that I would wake up before or way after 9:30. I’ve had plent of other 9:30 classes before, none of which had the same effects on me. So it’s definently not a time-of-day issue. It certainly wasn’t how much I ate the night before. It wasn’t even related to my relative interest in the course. The only factor that I could imagine it being was something inherent with the geology itself that makes me hungry. I could not explain it, but I knew what I had to do to remedy it before class. On the days that I would forget, boy did I regret it.

No class since that one has had the same effect. That is, except GEOL125 this semester. The class is even in a different room… different building, in fact. So I can’t blame the location as having a part to play in my hunger. The common denominator here is once again Geology. There. Scientific proof that Geology makes me hungry.

And I guess now would be an appropriate time to mention the Napoleon Dynamite-esque actions that this class has provoked from me. Due to the forementioned hunger that Geology naturally makes me experience, I considered bringing some food to eat during class. The layout of the seats and size of the room (the huge lecture hall in Umberger) lends itself more readily to eating something in class than Thompson 101. Acoustically, however, it is very difficult to get away with it. The room is super quiet. The only sound that you really hear is coming from the professor speaking. Any sound that you make somehow has a way of projecting itself clearly to the rest of the room. Plus, apparently, there’s some sort of no food or drink policy in that lecture hall.

Of course, I did not know this when I brought a fruit snack bar to class one day, knowing of the hunger/Geology correlation, which I no longer considered a theory. Crinkling plastic wrappers are loud enough as they are already… but in that room, it was killer. So there I was in class, all unwrapping my furit snack bar all careful like, in slow motion. I broke off pieces from the bar, slowly raising them to my mouth so as not to call attention to myself. It those had been some tator tots instead of fruit snack bar pieces and coming from my cargo pant pocket, it would’ve been straight out of Napoleon Dynamite.

The other thing about GEOL125 is this: the exams are entirely multiple choice (48 of them… why 48??) and the questions feel incredibly trivia-like. They (for exam 1 anyways) were mostly about obscure details of several notable earthquakes in history. So there I was taking the practice exam, and the information on some of the questions was so obscure that anybody’s guess is just as good as mine. I would take a guess, check the answer key and if it was right, I was like “yessssssss.” Because it felt like a million bucks when I guessed correctly. Again just like Napoleon. Only he was tasting samples of milk and naming their defects…

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