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I had, in my possession, another pink balloon suitable for creating another Pigalloon, if I chose to do so. Out of consideration for the original Pigalloon’s feelings, I decided not to and just kept the balloon in a corner of my cube. Well this balloon held up incredibly well over the weeks… no noticeable change in size or texture–all the way up until today when I came into the office, and found that the balloon, once large and proud, had shrank down to about the size of a large orange. It’s structural integrity seemed to remain intact, as the balloon was not wrinkled or distorted as is usually the case with aged balloons. No, not this one, though… it had merely shrunken a great deal. I haven’t seen Pigalloon for weeks now–has he shrunken too? I can only surmise that the same fate has befallen our pink friend, since the balloons are from the same source. Hmmmm…


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Since I got back into the office from Thanksgiving break, there has been this pink balloon in this guy’s cube across the way from mine. I’m not really sure how it got there or why it’s there, but today I finally asked him if I could have it. Apparently, he didn’t know why it was there either and when I went over to ask him, it was sitting haphazardly in one corner, so I figured that he didn’t care about it too much. He was like “yeah… it’s been here for a while, I don’t know why.” So he let me have it. But for what purpose, you ask? You see, ever since I spotted that pink balloon over there, I wanted to take it and draw a big pig face on it. Here’s what became of that little exercise:
Pigalloon (front) Pigalloon (back)

Summer ’08 Mix

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Artwork’s done. It’s a simple theme on lines and dots:
Insert Front Insert Back CD

… and here are the tracks:

  1. Nine Inch Nails – Just Like You Imagined
  2. Smashing Pumpkins – Tarantula
  3. Bat For Lashes – What’s A Girl To Do
  4. Psapp – Hill of Our Home
  5. The Brothers Martin – Communication
  6. The Blow – Pardon Me
  7. Arctic Monkeys – You Probably Couldn’t See For The Lights But You Were Staring Straight At Me
  8. The Hush Sound – Wine Red
  9. Huskey Rescue – City Lights
  10. The Faint – Take Me To The Hospital
  11. Basement Jaxx – Take Me Back To Your House
  12. Tilly and the Wall – Bad Education
  13. The Chalets – Love Punch
  14. Röyksopp – What Else Is There?
  15. Kat Jones – The Great Scottish Hurricane
  16. The Postal Service – Be Still My Heart
  17. The Solids – Hey Beautiful
  18. The Elected – Would You Come With Me
  19. Wolfmother – Woman
  20. Feist – My Moon My Man


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I had about an hour or so to kill during my layover in Seattle on my way back from Alaska. I’d been to the Seattle-Tacoma International airport (known as “Sea-Tac”) before, but the last time that I was there (just a little over a week prior), I only had enough time to get to my departure gate. And plus it was late and all of the shops were closed/closing down. All that I got to see were gates, the same old newsstands, and empty eateries. My return trip, however, gave me an opportunity to see a little more.

The chance to explore an airport is something that I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, if its an airport that you’ve never been to, with lots to see, and you’ve got some time to kill, sure, it’s a fantastic time to check things out. On the other hand, if there’s too much time between flights or the airport has little/nothing to see, it can be sheer torture (ie. Manila International Airport). Plus, things in airports tend to be on the expensive side. Like when I was at Chicago O’Hare, I looked over a McDonald’s menu (there were McDonald’s everywhere), thinking that prices for fast food chains would be standardized. Not the case. Everything on there was a multitude more expensive than any McDonald’s on the outside. The Dollar Menu was nowhere to be found.

So back to Seattle. Apart from California, I’ve never really spent a lot of time on the west coast. As a matter of fact, I’m not even sure if Seattle is considered west coast because its kind of northwest… I dunno. Anyways, Seattle certainly looks like a fascinating city from above the night skies. It wasn’t a big perfect grid of orange lights like Chicago; and it most certainly wasn’t a big black abyss like Kansas City. No, it was filled with different colored lights in an array of different shapes, curving along contours. It looked alive. But since this was the summation of all my interaction with the city of Seattle outside of the airport–that is, through airplane windows, I won’t even attempt to write about the city. But I will say that it has piqued my curiosity.

No, instead, I will say what I can about the hour or so that I spent in the airport, waiting for my flight to Denver. Wait, I lied. I really need to start from the departure gate in Alaska, which is where I was flying into Seattle from. There was about half an hour before the plane boarded and I was sitting at the packed gate, just waiting. Seats were scarce and I found myself sitting next to this woman who was sleeping, kind of sprawled over across 2 seats. I mean there were plenty of open seats, but they were seats right next to people or between people. Or they were handicap seats. You can’t sit next to a stranger and be comfortable. You have got to have a buffer seat or two, like at a movie theater. The seat that I had settled for was not great, because I was sitting directly next to some stranger, but at least that stranger was asleep, so it made it easier to bear. On the other side of me was an empty handicap seat. Waiting, just waiting. They say you should get to the airport at least an hour before your flight (even more for international flights), and I always try to do just that. But waiting for a plane to start boarding is so excruciating. I put my hands in my pockets, stared at my shoes.

This was when this girl with a backpack and a pillow (a full-size pillow, not one of those inflatable U-shaped flight pillows) came up to where I was sitting and eyed the open seat to my left. There was a moment of hesitation as she realized that it was marked handicap and looked around the room for a different seat with buffers, but with no such luck. Silly girl, if there had been one, I would have gotten it. She turned around, sat down, looked at me and smiled.

“Hey… you’re not handicapped.”

We talked right up until we got on the plane. Her name was Amanda and it sounded to me like this was the first time that she had ever flown before, because she had all these questions, but she insisted that she had once flown to California. It almost seemed like she was running away, but I didn’t want to pry. Before I knew it, it was time to start boarding. I sat like 20 rows back from her so I didn’t get to talk to her after we got on the plane.

When the plane arrived in Seattle, I thought that I might run into her during my layover, but she was going to a completely different gate, different airline. I didn’t see her again.

I found my departure gate on the flight board and proceeded to the gate, taking note of anything interesting along the way. I checked the time and determined that I had approximately one hour to wander. That’s how I always roll. Go to the gate and branch out from there… because I don’t want to have to find my gate after wandering about the airport, and then realizing that the flight is about to leave.

I found myself in this sort of junction where shopping and dining came together. It was super busy for being something like 6 in the morning. I came across this place called Ivan’s Fish Bar. I remember my brother personally recommending that I try the fish taco at the Seattle airport. But was it at Ivan’s? It sounded familiar. But there was no fish taco on the menu. I looked across the way and saw Anthony’s Fish Bar. That also sounded familiar. I thought that it was funny that there were these two competing fish bar establishments all within the general vicinity. But then again, there were a lot of other things there, too. There’s “Explore Puget Sound” which appears to be some kind of a flight/marine life gift store. The Discovery Channel Store. 2 coffee places (Starbuck’s is there, not surprisingly). Book stores. All kinds of food. Clothing stores… And this fantastic shop called “Fireworks” (their slogan was “Celebrating Art In Life”) that sold the neatest design/art items–creative salt and pepper shakers, piggy banks (I love pigs), children’s books, useless little trinkets that just strike up your imagination and fancy. You totally just want to buy everything up. And they played the coolest music! I loved the atmosphere in there. It is literally my new favorite store. In Seattle.

I looked at the time, I had time to stop by Anthony’s fish bar, grab a fish taco. Prior to my trip to Alaska, I had never ever had a fish taco. It’s not that I don’t like fish. And it’s not because I don’t like tacos. It’s because its name, unfortunately, is slang for something… else. Something quite revolting. But my brother went and got some fresh rockfish, grilled it up, and made fish tacos for dinner one night. They were good and I feel silly for never giving them a try. Anyways, it turns out that my brother’s inspiration for the fish tacos came from the fish tacos served at Anthony’s Fish Bar, in Seattle airport. And thus the reason for the recommendation.

So it was like 6:45AM and I ordered a fish taco, despite not knowing what meal it would be for me. It was way too early for breakfast, but way too late for a midnight snack… and the truth is, I had eaten a pretty large dinner in Alaska. I wasn’t the slightest bit hungry, but I ordered the Alaskan rockfish taco anyway… who knows when I would find myself in Seattle next? It seemed ironic that I was ordering this Alaskan fish, after having come from there, but yeah… that taco was amazing. It had this mango salsa all up in it that was just so fucking delicious. It came with chips and salsa, but I didn’t care much for the chips. They were too hard. I think my brother warned me about that, actually.

I finished my taco, took another short walk around the area shops, and then returned to my gate for departure.

The Young, Inquisitive Bulb

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The Bulb

Done on Ed’s old dry-erase board. What I like about this one is its very “personable” eyebrows. Just lookit them.

Fish Is Delish

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He's so right.

Every once in a while, when a decision has to be made in regards to where to go for lunch, I always like to throw “The Jumpin’ Catfish” out there. And why wouldn’t I? I love catfish, as well as various other types of fish and seafood. And I’ve never been there, even though it’s right down the street from work. Every time I bring up The Jumpin’ Catfish, Amanda expresses her dislike for fish and we end up going somewhere else. So I left this on her markerboard. Hopefully, if it stays up long enough, she’ll start to believe it.

Old News?

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Sam & Max, 3DSam & Max, your favorite canine detective and rabbity-thing are back!! Telltale Games will be releasing an episodic video game series of the duo in the fall. This is all very exciting news since LucasArts disappointingly cancelled their Sam & Max: Freelance Police video game a few years back. And it looked so cool, too. And it was going to be in the same vein as such classic adventure games like the Monkey Island series or the genius Grim Fandango.

Sam & Max, if you are not aware, is one of my favorite comic entities that even enjoyed a brief run as a cartoon on Fox many years ago. The art is amazing and the humor is borderline inappropriate, just like I like it. You should pick up some of their comics if you get a chance.

Anyways, the site is chalk full of stuff related to the game, including a trailer, a semi-interactive webcomic, t-shirts, wallpapers… all kinds of fun Sam & Max type stuff.

Smashing PumpkinsIn other news, I just read today that The Smashing Pumpkins are back in the studio, getting ready to drop a new album. I’m not sure how I missed this, because I read that this was announced around the time of Billy’s TheFutureEmbrace release a while back. At the moment, only Billy and Jimmy are back on board with the reunion, so I’m not sure how I feel about it, because James Iha had a lot to do with the sound that I liked about the Pumpkins. Will it be the same without him? Or D’Arcy? I know a lot of people have the opinion that Smashing Pumpkins started going downhill after Mellon Collie and that Mellon Collie was their greatest work of all time, but I actually like the stuff post-Mellon Collie more than the earlier stuff. That’s not to say that I didn’t like the early stuff, either, there were some hot tracks back then, but Adore? My god, that album was brilliant. And so very underrated. I would play it sometimes and people are like “whoooa what is this!? This is fuckin’ awesome, how come I haven’t heard of this?” It’s like the album wasn’t given enough airplay to make it well known, I guess. To me, it’s kind of like The Smashing Pumpkins’ equivalent of Weezer’s Pinkerton–one of their best (if not the best) albums, yet somehow obscure to the mainstream.

Anyways, Adore was all electronic and wild with the absence of Jimmy Chamberlin, but then when Jimmy came back for Machina, that album was just as brilliant, if not more so. No, I think the Pumpkins were onto something. But then they broke up and for a while there was Zwan, some kind of a bizarro-Smashing Pumpkins lineup that sounded alright, but not as good as the real deal. I’ve also grazed through TheFutureEmbrace too, and I like it… it’s kind of Adore-esque, but again… missing something. And I’m glad that Billy realizes that too.

Summer ’07 Mix

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  1. LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
  2. Elkland – Find Me
  3. The Faint – Dust
  4. Starflyer 59 – I Win
  5. Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down
  6. The Afters – Beautiful Love
  7. Muse – Recess
  8. The Flaming Lips – Seven Nation Army
  9. Pernice Brothers – Clear Spot
  10. Placebo – Infra-Red
  11. Lupe Fiasco – Kick Push
  12. T.I. – You Don’t Know Me
  13. Rudye feat. Savage – She A Poppa
  14. The Rapture – Olio
  15. Joy Electric – The Ministry of Archers
  16. Death Cab For Cutie – Photobooth
  17. Pepper – Dry Spell
  18. Bloc Party – Pioneers
  19. Taking Back Sunday – MakeDamnSure
  20. Damien Rice – Volcano
  21. The Subways – Oh Yeah

  1. The Kills – Murdermile
  2. The Knife – Heartbeats
  3. Hooverphonic – Wardrope
  4. Love Psychedelico – Wasting (live)
  5. Venus Hum – Yes and No
  6. Shiny Toy Guns – Le Disko
  7. Blonde Redhead – Melody
  8. Nina Persson – Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
  9. Rachael Yamagata – Reason Why
  10. Imogen Heap – Speeding Cars
  11. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins – Melt Your Heart
  12. The Cardigans – I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need to Be Nicer
  13. Kat Jones – One More Second Chance
  14. Stars – Ageless Beauty
  15. Veda – Song For a Friend
  16. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Dudley
  17. Petra Haden and Bill Frisell – Yellow
  18. Nelly Furtado – Maneater
  19. Schuyler Fisk – Hello

Just The Photographer

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This is the picture that I took at the party of Kim’s LiteCubes (that she got from the party that Amanda told us about), in Sam’s pitcher, using Albert’s camera.

The Green Duck

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The Green Duck

Adobe Illustrator. I hope you recognize the subject… if not, you can read all about him here. I’m not exactly done with this one yet, but I think it’s time for me to get some sleep. It’s not terribly convenient to do this kind of thing when your computer doesn’t have any Adobe programs. Aside from Adobe Reader. Ah, what a hard life I lead.  Goodnight.

Oh yeah… I haven’t given him a name yet… suggestions?

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