January 24, 2002 at 7:08 PM | Poetry | No Comments

I woke up one morn to find no meal–
Food in the morning is what I need;
Food right when I wake is quite ideal.
Alas, not until this “brunch” would I feed.

What is this? What is this “brunch”?
…so unlike breakfast, yet not quite lunch?

I was quite stunned at how early we began to eat,
And how the meal was twice the standard size!
“Pass the eggs! Pass me that platter of meat!”
(I also had some fruit and enjoyed some pies.)

What is this? What is this “brunch”?
…not quite breakfast, yet so unlike lunch?

It was worth the wait; I’d like brunch everyday!
…But wait, no lunch!? Without warning,
Dinner somehow became a lifetime away…
And to think–I had eaten nothing this morning!

What is this? What is this “brunch”?
…so unlike breakfast, so unlike lunch?

I am not fond of this brunch thing at all–
Yes, this… this is what they call brunch.
Directly between normal meals, it does fall,
…not quite breakfast, and not quite lunch.

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