The Drink

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Hey hey what’s going on. Today, I’ve got this crazy meeting spanning over all possible lunch hours, from like 11 to 2… it’s gonna suck. But in other news, my cousin and his friend(s) are coming up to KC and we’re gonna check out that Batman Begins. Last night, I heard that some critic was giving that movie shit, saying it was so bad that if they’d started off the Batman movie franchise with Batman Begins, they probably would’ve stopped right there. That’s pretty cold. But I guess we’ll see huh. I’m curious to see what they got going on in this one.

Oh yeah… one more thing. Last night Rob, Sam, Micheala, her friend Vanessa, and I went out to this bar in the Plaza known as “The Drink.” It was all high-class, VIP shit and all and we rolled up in there and there was this guy at the front, he was like “hey, no hats in the club” to Sam, who was wearing his K-State baseball cap. So we were like OK and went inside this door that was labeled “VIP entrance” and I was thinking to myself “huh, are we VIP?” I’ve never been VIP anywhere for anything. But nobody stopped us so I guess we must’ve been VIP. But by that same token, if I’m VIP, then they’ll just let anybody who rolls by be VIP. That shit ain’t cool. And these people inside were all decked out in business attire and we were like man, fuck this place. None of us were dressed the part. So when Micheala showed up, we went over to Harpo’s in Westport where I guess they were having a special on margaritas. So I ordered one of those and essentially what I got was a virgin margarita… the drink didn’t taste like it had any alcohol in it! So we were like wtf and ordered some beer because they can’t possibly fuck that up.

KC Moe

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I am in Kansas City. Moved in n shit, still in the process of unpacking, setting things up just right. Finally got up on some internet. Yes, it is stolen, what of it? For now. I think we may actually get up on a paid internet account sometime soon. I am glad to report that our apartment is not remotely close to Barry cemetery, thank God, you can’t even see it from where we’re at. Also, I should mention that I am pretty backlogged on the blog post thing, in case you didn’t notice. Not having internet for a bit will do that to ya. I’ve still got to finish/post the one about that last party at our house. I’ve got “killer” stories on that one.

Anyways, life is pretty strange right now, living in a city where you don’t really know too many people. Like just today when I was dropping off the U-Haul, I had to fucking call up a cab because everyone that I knew in the area was working at the time. It’s definitely not the same as back in Ta Town or Manhattan where there is always a number of people that you can holla at. But yeah, they don’t usually have cabs come up this north, so it took the motherfucker like an hour to get up here (partly due to Paseo being closed). But yeah, it was hot today. Several times I thought to myself “shit, man, I could’ve walked home by now.” But then, I knew the cab was on its way so I couldn’t really leave cuz they be expecting you n shit. And before you know it, you’ve already invested so much time in waiting that it would seem like a terrible waste if you did not see it through. Such is the dilemma with waiting. There’s probably nothing that I hate more than waiting. It fucking sucked. Hopefully there’s not too many more events like that.

OK. And then there is this girl, Jenny, that lives a few doors down that I am trying to figure out. Like, first of all, who the heck does she live with?? I seen her drive 2 distinct cars today, so I think she may be living with a twin sister, maybe? We can only hope. Yeah, I’m not sure what is going on for sure, but I ran into her like fucking 3, maybe 4 times last night, just from unloading stuff from the U-Haul and our cars. But then the “kicker” was when one time she had this other girl with her and she explained to me that she was just her friend visiting. I didn’t think too much of it, but Sam was saying later on “yeah, they lesbians.” The basis was that she was having a female caller so late in the nighttime. But I mean, it can happen, right? I can’t tell… I have the worst gaydar instincts out of everyone that I know. So yeah, she’s just such a mystery. A mystery that I intend to solve in the near future; I’ll keep you guys posted on the latest Jenny happenings as they come to me.

Basically, I am just hanging out at the apartment with nothing to do, just waiting around until Saturday when I fly out to Alaska to visit my brother. I’ve got all kinds of shit to do like furniture arranging, poster hanging… you know the usual stuff. Stacy called me up when I was waiting for my cab and later we arranged to meet near this museum close to the Plaza, pretty close to Westport.

I kind of know my way around the town but not that well so it was pretty hardcore, basically trying to arrange a meeting between people not from KC. I’m surprised it even went down without a hitch. But it worked out and so Stacy, Sonny, and I roll down to Westport, drink some beer at this place called something or other Horse. Actually Sonny didn’t drink because she was going to be driving. I kind of felt bad because I felt like we were leaving her out, but hopefully she had an OK time… In either case, I learned that Sonny has a thing for The Cardigans (especially Nina), which I thought was fantastic/impressive/admirable. That girl’s alright, lemme tell you. They’re both alright.

My plans for tomorrow? I am going shopping for things that I will be needing at this new place: tall mirror, plug-in air fresheners/potpourri?, folding chair, desk lamp, frames for Rilo Kiley paraphenelia, and most importantly, food. Actually a pretty nice little Thursday, I’m going to go to Wal-Mart. Yeah, buy some things. Maybe Bed, Bath & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if I’ll have enough time.

The Busy Day

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You will not believe what happened to me on Thursday, even if I tell you. OK, OK, fine, I’ll tell you. I was coming home from Sutton’s place and as I walk up the steps up to my front porch, I don’t know what happened, but I kind of tripped and out spilled like 6 bottles of beer from my case, which instantly shattered on the front steps. It was like 2:30 in the morning and there wasn’t anyone around who saw that shit go down, but I was still pretty upset about the whole situation. There was all this broken glass and beer flowing down the steps. It’s enough to make some people break down and cry.

The only light that I had to work with was this green light coming from the porch light. Apparently, Jeff had stolen this green outdoors lightbulb (you know those big ones that will fit into ordinary sockets but usually won’t fit because the bulb itself is so big?) and put it into our porch light.

I had asked him earlier that same day “Hey, where’d you get that light bulb?”

“I stole it from some house.”

“Was it their porch light?”


I was like “Well, don’t you think it’s gonna look a little suspicious that all of a sudden our house has a green light on our porch?”

“It happens. We used to steal the porch light from these girls that lived across the street back at the other house, and they’d come and steal it back.”


So, there I was, trying to pick up these shards of broken glass in this crazy green (stolen) light that is probably not the best colored light to be doing something dangerous like picking up broken glass in. And it was kind of sprinkling, too. It made the whole thing that much more dramatic. I was pretty sure that I got all of it.

Friday was pretty busy. It all started off with a presentation of our CIS690 project to these people on some CIS advisory board at around 2:30. One of the first things that I noticed on my way out of the house to give this presentation was the broken glass on the steps. Sure, I had thought that I’d cleaned it all up, but I was mistaken. But I guess, I did pretty well for trying to do in the rain, in the darkness of night, with only the illumination from that green porch light. I found a stick in the yard and kind of pushed the remaining pieces to the side of the steps. “I’ll clean that up later.”

The presentation went pretty well. Then the CIS department threw a graduation reception for the graduating class in the Nichols Hall atrium, where we ate all this awesome food. Like, they had these spicy chicken tender things that were fucking delicious. I’d never felt so good to be in the CIS department. We had the forementioned chicken, fruit platters, cheese/cracker platters, wraps, cookies, and some sort of soda/ice cream float drink… I’m not really sure what it was. But yeah, I ate till I could eat no more. So that went down until about 5 when Zack, Sam, and I headed over to the Union for some funnelcake.

Yes, funnelcake. You see, UPC had this big event going down called Springfest, where they brought in a bunch of bands to play, a giant inflatable slide, sand art, airbrush tattoos, free massages, a funnelcake stand, drawings for prizes, t-shirts, an outdoor showing of National Treasure, and free beverages. The beverages were, however, Pepsi Edge or canned Tropicana pink lemonade. Now, I like pink lemonade as much as the next person, but what was the deal with the Pepsi Edge? Nah, it’s not for me.

Oh yeah, so about the funnelcake situation. We’d read that the first 250 were going to be free, so we figure it’d be a fantastic dessert for the food at the CIS graduation reception. We rolled around the corner and my god, there was a huge line of people waiting for funnelcake. It’d been at least 4 or 5 years since I’ve had funnelcake (which I suddenly thought to be highly irregular, given the events in my life in these past 4 or 5 years). There was probably already 250 people in line, and even if there wasn’t, we weren’t going to stick around to wait for the 248th, 249th, and 250th funnelcake.

Inside, we went past this display outside of the union’s computer store, where they were having a Tiger release party, with pizza. I really didn’t care about the free pizza… because I’d just had all that food, I don’t think I could’ve eaten a slice (free funnelcake on the other hand, I would’ve eaten, even if it would’ve killed me). No, what I was really interested in was seeing the Mac OS X Tiger demonstration, just to see what the hubbub was all about. But as soon as I get over there, they throw this sheet over the computer and I’m like “wha?”, but then realize that they were counting the thing down and they were gonna show it in 30 minutes. Man, I can’t be expected to wait for 30 minutes. I got shit to do.

And that shit that we gotta do is walk around aimlessly in the union, fucking with little kids with laser pens, drinking free lemonade, and checking out the bands playing.

There was this ACM meeting at 6 and then an all-night LAN party starting at 7:30. Both of these activities were going down in Nichols. I didn’t really feel like sticking around for the ACM meeting, but that LAN party sounded like a good time. So I went home to get my computer, but the only thing was, Ben Kweller was playing in the Union at about 9:30 so I figured I’d better sit out the LAN party and wait to go after the concert. I figurd the LAN party would be going on well into the wee hours of the morning. On the way out to my car, Sam and I saw a bunch of these people riding down the street on bicycles yelling n shit, all wearing these orange t-shirts. Apparently, it was the “Tour De Apple.” Funny.

I called up Liz and she was apparently a big fan of the band that played before Ben Kweller, called Ruskabank, this local ska band. You may have heard some of their songs on the radio… it’s hot shit. I’d thought that ska was dead, but I guess I was wrong.

So anyways, we head out to the show early. I told her about the funnelcake incident that we’d had earlier and how long it’d been since I’d had one. I guess she was pretty excited to hear about the availability of funnelcakes and settled that we’d split one. Alas, when we got there, they were just closing up shop on the funnelcake stand. That was twice in the same day that damned funnelcake stand had led to disappointment.

On the way, we saw the people walking around and hanging out in the old stadium for some sort of Relay For Life type deal. It was pretty hardcore of them, I guess, because it was pretty cold. Oh yeah, and I saw this guy on a unicycle across the street. I was like “heeeeeey!” and took some pictures of him. Well, I tried anyways… I guess it’s hard to pose on a unicycle or something. So I ended up with a couple of pictures of this guy falling off of a unicycle. But yeah, Liz was saying that she sees the unicycle guy all the time around her apartment. I told her that I’d never seen him before (as if that wasn’t apparent by my actions). I’m fairly certain that I would’ve remembered if I had seen a guy on a unicycle.

So yeah, we try some of that Pepsi Edge and yeah, it’s not very good. We catch like the last 3 or 4 songs of Ruskabank and they’re pretty good. But that Ben Kweller, he plays some really cool music; I’m really glad that I checked out the show.

I head over to the LAN party to check it out and it’s still going pretty strong. I saw a lot of people playing Warcraft, lot of people playing Counter-Strike, some people playing various other FPS’s. At that point, I was pretty tired so I didn’t really feel like going home to get my computer, and set it up. It didn’t look like it was organized enough… like there were too many people playing different games. And there wasn’t as much yelling as I’d thought there would be. You know how LAN games make people yell out profanities. It can’t be helped.

So I hang around for a bit, check out the happenings for an hour or two, and then head out. There was just so much going on in town today, it was pretty crazy. I’ve still got that glass on the front steps to clean up. Tomorrow morning.

Open House

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So Friday and Saturday was K-State Open House. We had our Quake III Dodgeball mod (for CIS690) set up on the first row of computers in Fiedler, so we could have a max of 5 on 5 games. It seemed like it did pretty on Friday. Open House is a 2 day ordeal… I’m not really sure how it works really, but the first night isn’t really as popular–it’s usually more of the setup/test day. I’m not even certain if it’s publicly advertised… Anyways, the College of Engineering cancels classes on the Friday of Open House; maybe it’s only classes after noon, I’m not sure… I don’t have any Friday classes so it didn’t help me in the slightest. I got to bed at like 4:30AM on Friday because I had decided to hang out at Aldie’s, head out to the bars n shit. I had to get up at 8:30AM for setup on Saturday, but I got up like a soldier and did what needed to be done. I found Sam passed out on the couch downstairs on my way out… apparently he’d done something similar. He showed up later at like 11.

One of the last minute changes that we made to the mod was we changed out the texture of the dodgeballs to something that resembled these purple foam CIS department balls that we were giving away to people. Seemed like a nice touch, since the map resembled Ahearn and now the balls resembled these foam balls that kids can take home… details that kept things interesting.

As we found, the mod had some kind of bug that was making Quake crash out pretty hardcore. It was some memory access error that we’d never seen before. I guess we should’ve playtested the thing some more beforehand. Even by the end of Saturday’s Open House hours, it was difficult to figure out what was the cause of the problem, because sometimes it would happen during the death sequence (so we thought it had to do with the teleport code), but sometimes it happened to people floating around in spectate mode… so yeah, who knows.

The CIS department had always set up Open House in Nichols, but it’s so far out from the other buildings that not many people made the venture out to check us out. This year, somehow, we were set up in Fiedler library, amongst the other Engineering displays. Yes, our department is located in Nichols hall. But I’m not sure whether people were aware that by setting up Nichols every year, we were dooming ourselves. Was it pressure from within to stay in Nichols, the building shared by CIS, Theatre, Dance, and other performance arts? Or was it pressure from the College of Engineering, whom I’ve always thought secretly (though not always so secretly) regarded CIS as its bastard child?

The simple change of location made a huge difference. It was busy enough on Saturday that there were times that I didn’t get to play. Kids pouring in the doors n shit… kids love computers.

Er… I should say kids love computer games.

All around Fiedler were a number of other CIS displays, but they didn’t really stand a chance to a 10-computer LAN game, as one might expect. I almost felt bad for some of the people running the other displays. Ain’t nobody running up on them, ain’t nobody checking out their displays. Sad, really. But what can you do.

So all in all, our project (as an Open House display) was a raging success for how incomplete it was, especially on Saturday. I know we still have a number of things to add and fix on it, but for display purposes I thought it was pretty impressive. And it was fun too!

Anyways, we started shutting down around 3 on Saturday. Our particular display was vastly easier to tear down than everybody elses, since we were using the Engineering department’s computers. They were rocking Deep Freeze so all we had to do to clean up was restart all of the computers that we had installed the game on. (It was a double-edged sword, though, because we wouldn’t have needed to come in early to setup if they didn’t use Deep Freeze).

That night, Sam and I attended the Engineering Open House Awards Banquet. Steel Ring members go around during Open House hours, and observe and judge all of the displays. It’s usually ARCHE that wins all the awards. Those tickets to get in were $9 a piece for a student ticket. I’m not sure how much the other kinds of tickets were, but I would have to imagine that they were more. I had gone with Sam the year before too, and I remembered what a fucking sham this banquet was. I distinctly remembered that the chicken that they served was dry as fuck. My god, you’d have to fuck up pretty bad to dry chicken out like these people did. But it’s not like I paid for it, so whatever. I hoped and hoped that this year, they didn’t serve chicken, because they don’t know how it’s done.

Anyways, this was where I got an award for best CIS display last year, for a Java Battleship game (that I worked on with 2 other people in CIS525) that I’d set up a display for, complete with posters, a kickass setup, and an improved version just for Open House. Thinking back on it, the game itself sucked because the game Battleship sucks. It gets so old, so fast. You find it interesting for a little while, purely out of nostalgia, but it quickly fades as you realize why you quit playing that monotonous game years ago. But I guess if Steel Ring thought it was the best display amongst the CIS displays then so be it. That’s not saying a whole lot, though.

The banquet itself is held upstairs in the Union ballroom, where a lot of these types of catered events take place. I used to go to a lot more of these things back before I actually attended K-State. We got there and we were a little early so we had to wait around in the lobby full of snooty engineers and alumni. If there’s anything that I despise more than engineers or alumni, it’s Engineer alumni, for obvious reasons. They had a cash bar going, with like $3.75 for a domestic and more for glasses of wine n shit. They know how to make a buck, I’ll give them that. There really wasn’t anybody there that we cared to talk to, but we found some other CS students, so that was a relief. These sorts of events are designed to be networking opportunities, but not so much for disgruntled CS students. We didn’t give a fuck… it’s not like we would want to network with these engineers anyway.

So when it got to 6PM, we got in line to get in. At the entrance, somebody took tickets and the line split 6 ways into equivalent food lines. The room was pretty full by the time that we made it to the food so I was afraid that we would be forced to split up and talk to some of these people. The food consisted of a salad, mixed fruit, potatoes and gravy, vegetable medley, chocolate cake/apple pie, cinnamon roll, and (not suprisingly) dry ass motherfucking grilled chicken… on a lovely rice pilaf.

Luckily, Michael had miraculously secured ourselves a table. Probably the best table in the house. We were right there next to the exit AND we had a fabulous view of the brass band (plus 1 guy on a banjo) on stage. So we sat down, started eating, having a grand ol’ time. On my way to our table, I’d seen Liz, who was already sitting down. I acknowledged her with a point, smile, and an eyebrow raise (all that because I cannot wink, for the life of me…). I don’t mind her being an engineer at all, because I know her and I can’t stereotype an engineer once I get to know them. She came over and we talked for a little bit–things were a little awkward because of the party last weekend, but I think things are OK now?

So we ate and watched the band, who played these songs in a style from the 20′s (or 40′s?) that for some reason reminded me a great deal of LucasArts’ Monkey Island series. It was fantastic and the food (except for that blasted chicken) was good. In what I thought to be a rather bold (maybe even defiant) move, like 5 of us from the table got up to get seconds… nobody else had done so, and especially not in a swarm like we did. We filed back through the room of round tables seated by elegantly dressed people, with our plates of food back to the table and resumed.

And as if that wasn’t enough, as soon as they got done acknowledging the Steel Ring members in the room, we ducked out of the exit. The whole table. I’m sure people saw us n shit, but I had thought this through. I thought that it would better to leave all at once (despite the attention that it would bring us) rather than to insult everyone’s intelligence by leaving one at a time with false excuses and cheap parlor tricks. At first, I was like, “OK, you call my phone, and then I’ll get up out of the room to quote-unquote take the call… and then shortly after I’ll call one of you and you can leave, and so on and so on…” But yeah, I think that would’ve gotten more negative attention.

So at least we minimized the attention on us by leaving during a moment when everybody was distracted, applauding standing members of Steel Ring. But undoubtedly, some people must have seen our table leave. And of course, some of them must have known that our table consistedly mostly of CS majors. So… of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if our lack of respect for engineers will probably get CS shunned from similar events in the future. But we only did it because the College of Engineering treats us like its bastard child. It’s the classic vicious circle. Classic vicious circle of mutual disrespect.

We walked out to the front of the Union, laughing, high-fiving each other… all in all a great sense of accomplishment. Made some cracks at the engineers for a bit before finally disbanding. The sun was still up. We were in the banquet for approximately 1 hour–just enough time to eat and roll. And man, I was so full. Not Thanksgiving full, but pretty dang full.

A Neighborly Encounter

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So it’s the day after the party. Ryan and I had returned back to the house after going out to get some lunch. From what I had seen inside the house and in the front yard, there was a suprisingly small amount of cleanup to be done, considering the amount of people that had been here. At it’s height, we probably had a good 100, maybe 150 people in the place, floated 3 kegs. I didn’t go out to the back yard much during the party, so I decided to take a look out back, see what I could gather from the trash left behind. Didn’t look bad back there either… out of the corner of my eye, I saw my neighbor in a bright red jacket doing something in his back yard. Being the unneighborly person that I am, I pretend like I don’t see him there and proceed about my business. The last time that I tried being friendly to some neighbors, they burnt my apartment up. Anyways, I heard him say something but I ignored it so well that I didn’t even hear what he said. Ryan heard him and passes him off to me with the “hey, he’s talking to you.” Apparently, he’d asked if I was just getting home …and this is when the shit went down.

I felt compelled to turn around and answer the man. “Yeah, just got back from lunch. How’s it going?”

“Had yourself a party there last night, didja?” Like I didn’t know that there’d been a party here last night at our house. It was the guy who had our fence fall on his car. The second time.

“Eyeah… party over here last night.”

“Have a good time?”

“Yeah… not bad, not bad…”

“Did you get drunk?”

“Eh, you know, haha, a little bit, little bit.” The truth is, the party had been a raging success and I had gotten pretty smashed, but for whatever reason, I felt an obligation to tone everything down for this guy. Maybe it was because I had no idea where he was going with these questions. Frankly, this guy was starting to get on my nerves. It was like he was asking all these questions even though he probably already knew the answers, to I dunno… test me or something.

“Yep, I picked up a bunch of cups and bottles this morning…”

Was he pissed that we had the party? I really couldn’t tell. “That’s cool… I uh, I’m going to pick up some of the stuff a little later on.”

He got all defensive. “Oh no no I’m not telling you to pick up your trash, I was just saying… say you know you guys were really loud last night.”

“Is that right?”

“Yeeah, I could hear you 3 blocks down, I’m suprised the cops didn’t come and break it up.”

I was thinking “3 blocks? This guy’s full of shit. Did he call the cops?” But all I said was “Eyeah… I guess we were just lucky… no, I guess there were a couple times that somebody would say that they saw the cops but I didn’t see them so I don’t know what that was all about.”

“Really? I would assume that most parties like this get broken up… I guess it’s just an unwritten rule somewhere that underage kids can drink.”

At this point, I’m thinking that yes this motherfucker must’ve called the cops. I guess we really must have been lucky. Motherfucker! While I no longer have to worry about getting in trouble for drinking, we can probably still be held responsible for serving alcohol to minors. And I knew there were plenty of minors at the party. You can always tell, because they’re the first ones to push their cups away at the mere mention of the police. But I digress. Let me get back on track here: this guy is a motherfucker.

He changes the subject quickly. “Hey, that’s a pretty cool doghouse… you guys don’t use it, right? Can I have it?”

“Uhh… I suppose, we don’t have a dog or anything.”

So for the next twenty minutes or so, this guy is all having Ryan and I help him move this doghouse to his yard. But mostly Ryan, for some reason, just because he was there. He points at Ryan’s hat, which had a Jayhawk on it. “I like that.” He pulls up his jacket to expose a faded KU Basketball shirt underneath.

Jeff comes outside to see what’s going on and the guy is all calling Jeff “Girard,” which I guess would sound really funny to somebody unless they knew that Jeff was from Girard, KS. Hell, it even sounded funny to me and I knew. This guy had met Jeff the other day and I guess he must’ve mentioned Girard. But who remembers someone’s hometown before their name? Finally, after calling Jeff “Girard” about 20 times, he goes, “Hey Girard, what’s your name?”

So then Jeff and this motherfucker talked for about 15, maybe 20 minutes. And the shit that would come out his mouth was just ridiculous: “Yeeah, I could’ve gone Big 12 baseball… but I got too caught up with partying and drinking… stupid shit.”, “What’s with Bill Self? This’ll probably be the end of KU basketball… Bill Self holds the players back too much, if only he’d just let them play to their full potential, but no he holds them back. Bill Selfish.”, “I’ve got about 212,000 miles on this car… never put a dime into it… though it’s not legal. No, I mean it’s legal, but I mean…”, “My son’s probably going Big 12 Baseball. Good kid. When my son was one year old, he could consistently throw a baseball into that barrel over there (the barrel was like 30 feet away). Not many kids that age can do that.” I laughed and laughed. On the inside, of course.

He saw the shed in our back yard. “Hey, you know, I know a homeless guy who would rent that out from you guys for 50 bucks a week. I mean, 50 bucks a month.”

I looked at Jeff and he looked back at me. “Uh yeah, I don’t think that place is ours to rent out…”

“Oh come on, this guy’s real cool, he probably wouldn’t even be there very much… heck, I doubt he’d even be there longer than a month before he got in trouble again.”

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” The thought of some homeless guy living in the backyard was unsettling. I don’t want to get shanked in the middle of night with a rusty screwdriver. On my own property.

Motherfucker starts trying to take it all back, like he’d been joking the entire time. “Nah, just kidding, just kidding…” But I don’t think he was kidding, I think he really knew a homeless guy who would pay $50 to live in our backyard. And I think earlier on, he had been hinting at the fact that we should pick up our trash. I don’t like people like that. People who say something and then try to take it all back like it’d been a joke, when you know it hadn’t been.

Back inside the house, Ryan was like “Hey, was that your crackhead neighbor?” I replied “Noo, no no, of course not… The crackhead neighbor lives downstairs over there.”

The Fence Comes Down, Again

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I was just about to take a nap earlier today… like I was in bed and had been laying there for a good five minutes or so, when I hear knocking on the door. Maybe it wasn’t even our door, who knows? I’ve noticed that the sound of a door knock has a tendency to throw itself out, so you don’t really know where it came from. Maybe that’s just me. And plus, I was pretty comfortable where I was and even if it was our door, it probably wasn’t anything important. So I rolled over and pulled the sheets up a little further.

Sam didn’t ignore the knock, he comes out of his room and went downstairs to answer it. I strained (as much as one can “strain” with one ear on a pillow) to listen but I couldn’t hear what was going on. Seconds later, he comes back upstairs and I sit up and ask him what was going on.

Apparently, the fence had fallen on somebody’s car. I had told Sam about the fence incident that took place right before spring break because he wasn’t here at the time. So when the guy came around to inform us of our shoddy fence, Sam was just like “Didn’t you stop by last week?” It turns out it was a different guy, different car. That’s right. This guy was a friend of our neighbors and were just visiting. I guess sometime after I left, the neighbor put the fence back up… but what do you expect?? That it somehow wouldn’t fall over again?

So we get this guy our landlord’s info, just like last time. Well, this time around, I was prepared. I had looked up our landlord’s name.

In other news, CIS690 took a turn for the better today, when we basically had a psuedo-LAN party in N126, “testing” out the project and then somehow straying back to regular Q3 deathmatch and CTF games. We went over “class” time like a good hour or so, it was the longest I’d ever stayed after for that class. We should’ve done this a long time ago. If everybody’ll just bring some snacks and drinks next time…

OK, OK. Just one last thing. We’re throwing a party at the house this Friday. 2 maybe 3 kegs. It’s gonna be hot. Stop on by.

Ten Mile Tide Party

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So we threw a party at our house the other night. Really sporadic. The story goes like this: there was this band called Ten Mile Tide playing at Pat’s Blue Rib’n on Friday night. Now, I’d heard of this band before, just never heard their music. I remember seeing a Ten Mile Tide sticker on Chris’s SUV over the summer but I never knew what it was. Somehow, the word had gotten out that the after-party was going down at our house. Anyways, I didn’t go to the show because I really wasn’t in the mood, didn’t know the music, etc. Plus we had this keg and a fridge packed full of beer just sitting in our house that needed um… tending to. So me and some people played some drinking games and even came up with a new one that’s going to revolutionize the drinking game industry for the next 20, maybe 30 years. It was history in the making. It’s a dice game that I like to call “Seven.” Somebody else called it “The Game of Life” because sometimes when you think you’ve “won,” you can still end up being worse off than the people who “lost.” Just like life.

The people started trickling in pretty late but before too long the place was filled. The band even showed up and they seemed like some real cool guys. I was talking to one of the guys and apparently they’d never been down to Texas. We made up for the late start by partying all the way til 6 in the morning. It’s been a long ass time since I’ve seen a good house party go all the way til 6. Seriously.


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Resident Evil... FourrrI spent the better part of the weekend just wasting away on video games, TV, and booze. But to make up for it, I made a detailed to-do list of all the shit that, well… shit that I need to do. There’s like a million things on there. …And then when I finished my list, I promptly resumed playing Resident Evil 4.

You know, you read all this stuff about RE4… People be asking questions like “Wait–where are the zombies? Are villagers scary?” Yes. They are scary, I assure you. It took some real getting used to, but I was quite impressed with the departure from the classic RE scheme of things. I had heard that they’d changed it up a lot so I was rather worried. But at the core, it’s still pretty much the same… the player-centric movements, the classic draw/attack action, puzzles galore, eerie environment. I think they’ve done an excellent job on the environment. It’s entirely 3D, but looks many, many times better than Code Veronica… almost worth replacing the pre-rendered scenes of other GameCube RE titles. In my opinion, the game is also more difficult than the other RE’s. Gone is the auto-aim, the enemy target toggling, the ability to evade slow/stupid zombies. All making the thing that much more intense, if you will.

I actually have a story to tie all of this together. I was playing RE4 one night over the weekend when I decide to head out to The Gold Fork (of all places) to have some drinks with some friends. On my way out, I step like halfway out the door when I’m like “hey I’d better turn off the living room light.” So I reach back inside and the very instant that flip the light switch, I feel something slipping by my leg. Having just been consumed in RE moments ago, I was in a highly survival-horror state of mind and purely by reaction I gave whatever was snaking around my leg a kick. Hard. I screamed out like a little girl and ran out to my car. Moments later, from within my car, I realized that it was Teacup, that sneaky little bitch. Always trying to slip out the door. (A little side-note about The Gold Fork… I think they close up shop at like 12:30 n shit, so have a back up plan. I can’t really confirm or deny this information… we ran up outta there before they had a chance to close up shop on us.)

OK it’s getting late. I know this because my virus scan, scheduled for 4AM daily just started. I set it at 4AM because I know there shouldn’t be any reason that I should be awake and doing shit on the computer at 4 in the morning so that it can do its thing without my ever seeing it. But alas, I’ve seen it a couple times before. A couple times too many. Maybe I should push it forward an hour?

One last thing, Starflyer 59 now has an mp3 from the new album posted on their site called Something Evil. Check it. It’s hott.

Chinese New Year in Ta Town

February 13, 2005 at 10:50 PM | Good Times, Site/Personal, TV | No Comments

I went down to Ta Town this weekend for Chinese New Year. I always have to ask my mom to find out when it is each year because it’s different from year to year. I have to consider this weekend a raging success: picked up Resident Evil 4, hit up the Pho Hien II, got lots of red envelopes, mailed (finally) out some stuff to the Philippines that I’d been meaning to, stuffed myself silly with food, new shoes, new suit, lunch with Stacey.

Yes it would have been perfect, but I missed The O.C. on Thursday… the episode where the trailer the week before warned: “whatever you do, don’t miss the last five minutes!!” And there I go and miss the whole thing. Alas.

Birdman, Motherfuckaaa

January 30, 2005 at 9:49 PM | Good Times, Random | No Comments

Note to self: after a night of boozing, resist the urge to yell out “Brrrrrrrrr, Birdman, motherfuckaaa!” at random people.

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