Taylor Swift

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I wonder what cheer captains think of her?

It’s Never A Good Thing

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… when you are surprised by the presence of food. “Oh, what’s this onion doing back here, behind these other things? This must have been here for… ewwwww”

I Don’t Like to Get Dirty

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I came to the realization today that I like to keep myself “dirty” as opposed to being too “clean cut”, most of the time. This is in contrast to things that I want to deal with. I like my food, my house, and my code to all be clean. And I like the cleanliness of vector graphics and LaTeX.

Kids These Days

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So I’m taking a break to write about something that happened to me earlier today. Something that I found to be a little saddening.

I had a doctor’s appointment today, where no fewer than 4 needles were used on me within a span of 10 minutes at the end. There was the flu shot, a tetanus shot, the second (of three) HepA/B combo shots, and a blood draw. But this story isn’t about the amount of shots, but about the band-aids used following the shots.

The nurse came in with this pile of shots on the keys of her laptop and had me sign some documents concerning the shots. She also had a bunch of band-aids that were going to be necessary after each needle. I noticed that some of these featured lovable WB cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny and Taz.

“How do you do with needles?” she asked.

“Yeah, um, I do OK with needles…”

“Oh, they’re not so bad,” she said, while prepping the vaccines and getting alcohol and wipes out.

I had to explain. “I was just going to say that I used to do a lot better with needles when I was younger. It seems I worry about them more nowadays, I dunno why.” But I was lying; I knew exactly why. So fearless was I of the needle that I would always watch the point of entry whenever I received a shot or got a blood draw. This worked just fine up until the time I gave blood and I watched the much larger needle cause a spurt as it went in. It was quite traumatizing. “Bugs Bunny, eh?” I said, making conversation.

“Yeah, actually, we’ve been trying to get rid of these first. The kids these days don’t even know who Bugs Bunny or the Tasmanian Devil are.”

I’m not really sure why, but this truth was very sad to me. Who do the kids know these days? Was it that I upset that there was a whole generation of children growing up on junk kids shows and mostly English-dubbed Japanese cartoons? Or was it that it made me feel very old? “Shoot, I’m down with Bugs Bunny. Lay it on me.”

Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

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This song used to get me so amped when I heard it because for the longest time I thought he was saying:

My heart is like an open highway
I’m breakin’ shit
I did it my way
I just wanna live while I’m alive
It’s my life

How do they let them just say that on the radio? Who cares! Breakin’ shit, yeah!

So then one day, I decided to look into it… he’s really saying “like Frankie said I did it my way,” which has kind of ruined the track for me. But I don’t let that get me down, I sing along my way. Yeah!


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Ever since I’ve had a copy of The Killers’ – Sam’s Town, I’ve always dug the psuedo intro/outro tracks “Enterlude” and “Exitlude”. I call them “psuedo intro/outro” tracks because they’re track number 2 and 12, respectively, on a 13 track album (have the edition with the bonus track, I guess). I mean, it’s not a bad album and The Killers are OK, but I really like those two songs–so much in fact that they’ve made their way onto mix CDs. I just now heard Exitlude, bout to head to bed, feeling pretty good.

Clark Kent Finally Flies!

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… just kidding!

Don’t be mad that I caught your attention with my lie of a title, Smallville has been teasing everyone with the idea of Clark Kent taking flight for years with their crafty trailers. Why would they do this, you ask? Why would they play with your emotions like this?

They’ve pretty much exhausted Superman’s powers since mid 2nd season, with the one big exception of flight. And the Smallville writers/producers know this. They know it’s what everyone’s been waiting for, watching all these years to catch the historic moment when he grows into the most famous superhero of all time. It’s been hinted at, no doubt, but every time I am left disappointed because it was just him jumping really high all hell, the worse one was last week’s episode when all Clark did was jump out of a plane with Tess Mercer. They didn’t even show him landing! But due to clever editing and wordplay, once again I thought that was going to be it. But no more, I’ll believe it when I see it!

No Half Tablespoon

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I have had this set of stainless steel measuring spoons that I purchased from the now dysfunctional Linen ‘N Things for quite a while now. They’re my favorite! They were so clean and smooth… and simple. They were everything that I needed to have in a set of measuring spoons. Or so I thought… I was making a batch of sushi rice last night when I came to the realization that I did not have a 1/2 Tbsp size spoon! How could I have missed this? How had I gone so long without ever needing half of a tablespoon of something?? I rifled through all of my drawers. Perhaps I had taken it off the ring and forgotten to put it back on. I checked the dishwasher. Nothing. It was a sad moment indeed.

I looked around on the internet and I found several measuring spoon sets that did not have the half tablespoon. It made me feel a little better. I might not have misplaced it after all. Either that or it’s at Albert’s house. Grrr.

Fortunately, I also have a set of these plastic white measuring spoons that happened to include the 1/2 tablespoon size. Annoying that I have to resort to that though…

The Problem with B-Dubs

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As I see it, there is one fatal flaw to Buffalo Wild Wings’ “Blazin’ Challenge”… it’s that I don’t believe the reward is nearly great enough to justify eating 12 wings covered with Blazin’ sauce in under 6 minutes. From the wikipedia article:

The rules are no drinking of any beverages, no eating other foods (such as ranch, bleu cheese, or celery), and no touching the face. Customers who complete the challenge are eligible to have their name and picture placed on the Blazin’ Challenge wall and are given the option to purchase a “Blazin’ Challenge” shirt.

The “option to purchase”? Come on! The pain that I have to endure… just so I can buy a t-shirt and have a polaroid pinned up on the wall? Is it worth it? If I do one of those giant steak challenges and succeeded, I become forever immortalized and I don’t have to pay for the steak!

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear On TV

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I was watching Seinfeld late last night and it was the episode (“The Stranded”) where the crew goes to an out of town party and George takes the car, leaving Jerry and Elaine at the party, waiting on Kramer for a ride home. During this episode, Elaine mentions that the cashew is a legume–I think this is where I first came to this belief… a belief that years later proved to be false when I finally consulted the internet.

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